The Top 10 Secrets For Writing A Great Article


The Top 10 Secrets For Writing A Great Article

These 10 tips for writing a good article will help keep your writing snappy and ensure you produce high quality work.

Secret 1: Write in Your Own Voice

Of these 10 secrets for writing a good article, this one is absolutely huge. Too many writers come across as “phoney” because they are trying too hard to imitate how they think they ought to sound, rather than just writing in a voice that is comfortable to them.

You may be wondering how this fits in with writing marketing articles as opposed to pure information articles – it holds true either way. Even when you are promoting a product, you should be doing it in an authentic voice. A phoney vibe to your writing will not boost sales.

This is particularly true when learning to how write SEO articles, where authenticity is key.

Secret 2: Get Your Facts Straight

The next of our 10 tips for writing a good article relates to fact-checking. No matter what type of article you’re writing, be it content for your website or a column for a newspaper, always check your facts.

There’s no better way to lose credibility as a writer than to spout off “facts” that aren’t true. Always try to find multiple sources to confirm any important statements you make, especially if you’re using numbers.

Secret 3: Quality Over Quantity

Some writers write rambling articles with very little substance, thinking the length will make up for the fact that they aren’t really saying anything. Readers see right through this.

Don’t make sentences longer or more complicated than they need to be. Keep it simple and stick to quality information – cut the fluff. When you’re learning how to write SEO articles, keeping them brief is of paramount importance.

Secret 4: Stay Relevant

When you write an article, all the different elements should be relevant to each other and united by an overarching topic. When you’re writing for the web, this is fairly easy – the topic is your main keyword.

But you should make sure each paragraph and the title and any sub-headings are all in harmony and “pulling in the same direction.” If something is off topic, save it for another article.

Secret 5: Get the Headline Right

Many writers misunderstand the function of a headline – and in fact, it has different jobs depending on the kind of article you’re writing. Let’s talk about article writing for SEO. Don’t worry too much about making your headline “sound clever” – your readers won’t be as impressed as you think they will.

When learning how to write SEO articles, there are two things to keep in mind with headlines: they are a great place to put your main keywords, and they need to be interesting enough to draw the reader in. As we touched on above, making sure it’s relevant to the article as a whole is also important.

Secret 6: Make Your Point Clearly

Don’t try to make your readers decode a riddle. Say what you have to say and don’t mince words. Make your point and be clear about what the purpose of each paragraph is. If you read through after a first draft and the article contains sentence that confuse the overall meaning, cut those sentences or reword them.

Secret 7: Always Revise

A first draft is exactly that – a draft. You need to go through it at least once to fix up any mistakes and trim unnecessary parts. It can help to put the article aside for a while and do something else before you revise, so you come at it from a more objective perspective.

Secret 8: Use Evidence Where Possible

The next of our 10 tips for writing a good article is to make sure you use source evidence. This is especially true if you are writing an article for a serious publication, but it also holds for web writers and bloggers. If you have examples and evidence to back up what you’re saying, use them.

It boosts your credibility as an authority and shows that you actually know what you’re talking about – you’re not just another one of the thousands upon thousands of people producing meaningless, low-value web content.

Secret 9: Have Someone Else Revise Your Work

When you write an article, no matter how professional you may be, you will develop an emotional attachment to your own work. This is why you should always try to have your writing revised by another reader who will give you an honest opinion on what’s good, what doesn’t make sense and what is lacking.

Secret 10: Enjoy Yourself

Finally, make sure you have fun. Writing doesn’t need to be a chore. The good part is, if you get most of these other things right – like writing in your own voice – you should find writing naturally becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Find a way to become passionate about whatever your topic may be. If you can’t get passionate about your writing – find someone else to do it for you.

Get Help With Article Writing

These 10 secrets for writing a good article will be enough to put most people on the right track. However, for some people, especially marketers and business owners, writing articles is and always will be a chore. The smart move is to invest in the services of a pro article writer-leave it to them to produce content for you.

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