How to Create an Affordable SEO Marketing Plan

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Creating an Affordable SEO Marketing Plan

Deciding on an affordable SEO marketing plan that suits your business is a lot simpler than you might think.

If you want to succeed in online business, then with very few exceptions you will have to have a solid plan for winning at the search engines.

Even if you plan to promote your site by other means, or you have a background in offline marketing and you’re confident that search engine marketing will be a breeze, it’s best to sit back for a minute and look at the ways in which search engine marketing is peculiar.

The Difference Between Paid Search and SEO

Now in this instance we aren’t talking about paid advertising on the search engines – that’s a topic for another article. What we’re talking about here is generating targeted potential customers from the organic search results – the free listings.

Even if you are bursting with great marketing ideas for your site, very few of them are likely to rival the power of a high Google ranking for a high-demand keyword relevant to your site.

Now, marketing through the search engine listings is different from a lot of the direct sales tactics that offline marketers may be used to. There are several keys to successfully marketing through the search results pages. One of the most important of these is to be exciting, but honest.

What Being Honest and Exciting Is All About

Let’s delve a little deeper on this one. The title meta tag of your web page is often going to be the first thing a potential visitor sees on a search engine results page.

So, naturally, the pages with the most well-written titles – those that grab attention – will be likely to get more clicks, thus increasing traffic.

However, if a visitor arrives to your site and finds that your content doesn’t live up to the title they clicked on, they will feel led on. They won’t reach your monetization method and they won’t convert into a customer. You will have won the battle, but lost the war.

Living Up To Your Own Hype By Being Excellent

Hence the key: be exciting, but honest. Don’t cram a title full of buzzwords and outrageous promises if your content can’t deliver on it. The best search engine optimization specialists understand this balance.

You will immediately make the visitor feel “duped” into clicking into your site via the clever title – and “duped” is not a state of mind that leads to purchasing. People are searching for information on search engines, not hype. Give them information – and make it good.

Why Real Quality Always Wins in the Long Run

This leads us into some of the search engine ranking factors that are tough to manipulate: the percentage of visitors to your site who immediately click back to the search engine, without visiting another page. Another factor is the average time a visitor spends on your site.

Google takes poor performance on these measures as an indication of a low quality site, and your rankings will be affected as a result.

This just goes to show that there are some aspects of affordable SEO marketing that simply can’t be faked. They can only be achieved by making your content genuinely valuable to visitors. This is what a trained search engine optimization specialist can help you achieve.

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