An Affordable SEO Package That Works For Your Business


An Affordable SEO Package That Works For Your Business

Finding an affordable SEO package that delivers the results it promises is often easier said than done.

SEO is big businesses at the moment, and with the anonymity of the Internet, many less than legitimate individuals are looking to take advantage of website owners by luring them in with low rates, then delivering shoddy work or worse – completely plagiarizing content from other sites. Don’t trust one of these scammers to SEO your website!

How Much Should SEO Really Cost?

A good SEO package should be affordable in the respect that it will deliver a large amount of traffic in comparison to the traffic that could be bought via advertising for the same amount of money. That is exactly the value Premium Online Writing strives the offer to clients.

When you pay for the creation of content, you should expect to receive writing that generates targeted traffic and warms up that traffic to your monetization methods.

The Problem With Cheap SEO Packages

Yes, you can hire a writer to work for you for 5 dollars per article – but realistically, do you expect to receive high quality content for that price? If you want some disposable, run-of-the-mill content, there are plenty of “affordable” SEO services to deliver that. If that’s all you want, then Premium Online Writing is not for you. But remember, SEO is an investment.

If you pay for cheap SEO packages and low-quality work, you throw money away – money that should be growing your business. The problem with run-of-the-mill content is that it simply doesn’t help you generate revenue.

Avoiding the Cowboys

If you have owned a website for any length of time, you have probably received spam email from various so-called “search engine optimizers,” promising you to take you to the top of the Google rankings for your main keyword. We have never sent unsolicited emails like these, and never will. Why? Well, first of all because it’s spam. But there’s an even more important reason.

The role of SEO is to bring in more traffic from the search engines and make you more money. If an SEO company can’t get enough business from their own website, how on Earth will they optimize your site to bring in more traffic and revenue? Sending unsolicited emails is proof that these companies can’t do what they say they can do.

So beware of cheap SEO cowboys who make outrageous promises. At Premium Online Writing, our promises are simple: we will deliver you original, high quality content at a reasonable price. Our content will deliver plenty of traffic in the long term – more than if you had spent the same money on advertising.

An Affordable SEO Company Delivering Top Notch Service

You should also expect your affordable SEO company to have up to date knowledge of any changes being made at the search engines, to help you keep your site on the cutting edge of new developments online. Our Google SEO services help you do just that.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of shelling out thousands of dollars for web design and flashy graphics for a site, trusting web designers who are experts in code to deliver them to the top of the search engines. Many web designers have outdated knowledge of SEO, meaning their clients end up with beautiful, well-constructed sites – that never receive any traffic.

This is why it’s so important to go to trained SEO specialists for your search engine optimization packages.

The Premium Online Writing Affordable SEO Packages

We aim to cater to online businesses of all sizes. This is why we offer several options for unique article packages. The following prices are in U.S. currency:

  • 5 cents per word for a batch of 10 articles or less
  • 4 cents per word for a batch of 10 articles or more

Contact us today to start generating more traffic to your site with an affordable SEO package that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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An Affordable SEO Package That Works For Your Business   

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An Affordable SEO Package That Works For Your Business

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