The Best Affordable Small Business SEO Solution


The Best Affordable Small Business SEO Solution

For some website owners, the thought of affordable small business SEO might conjure up images of low-cost providers in non English speaking countries with dodgy grammar.

Many small business owners have had bad experiences dealing with web SEO services which they chose based on price. Unfortunately these business decisions end in disappointment as the SEO service has failed to deliver on their promises.

Luckily, there are options available to the small business operator online who wants the best of both worlds: quality content at an affordable price.

The Truth About SEO for Small Business

The idea that SEO done properly has to be expensive is a myth. Specifically created by self-styled SEO gurus who charge exorbitant prices for their services. There is a right way and many wrong ways to optimize your website. The good news is that doing it the right way is often within the reach of the average small business owner. This applies even to businesses in the start up phase.

If you can pay a few thousand dollars to commission a website from scratch, you can afford to have a high-traffic site built. The expectation is that your website will rank highly within a matter of weeks or months. Even if you only have a hundred dollars in your budget, that money can be much more effectively spent on small business SEO services. This is a smarter business option than spending your limited budget on advertising your website by other means.

Why Leaving SEO Out of the Picture Can Kill Your Business

In fact, as a small business owner, you would be shooting yourself in the foot by not hiring an SEO expert. Remember, their expertise is to optimize your content. Even if you can do it yourself, stop and ask yourself if that is the best use of your time.

The amount of money you can save on advertising in the long run by paying for just ten or twenty optimized content pages will be significant. With properly optimized content, the average cost to you of generating each visitor to your site is lowered. It’s a numbers game, so it pays to invest in a great SEO service.

Doing The Math: SEO for Small Business vs. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Let’s say you pay an average of 25 cents per click for an ad for the keyword “red shoes.” For 100 visitors (ie, 100 clicks), you pay $25. Want more visitors? You have to hand over more money.

Conversely, you could use that same $25 to commission an optimized, 500-word article built around that same keyword. Done properly, this article will generate hundreds of visitors to your site over the next few months. Over time it could potentially generate traffic for years to come. What this means is that the article itself may generate thousands of visitors and all for the one-time investment of $25.

So you can see that there are obvious benefits to SEO for small business in terms of expenses and cashflow. These points are all important for the the small business person in the start-up phase.

PPC does have an important place in marketing online, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s usually not the most effective form of marketing for small business people in the early stages of building a website.

The Potential Long-term Returns of a Professional SEO Campaign

Consider this: If a single $25 article generates just 2500 visitors over the course of a year (a conservative number) with only 1% of those buying a product with a $10 profit margin. This is $250 clear profit to you over 12 months.

Right there is your initial investment of $25 multiplied by 10. No matter what business you’re in, that’s an excellent return. So you can imagine the kind of results an affordable SEO package of 50 great articles. These 50 articles with similar numbers could generate solid profits for your business.

Affordable small business SEO is not out of your reach. Seize the day and take the opportunity now. Don’t continue throwing money away on advertising as you’re leaving a lot of your potential profits on the table.

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