Article Internet Marketing Strategy Part 2 – Goals and the Most Wanted Response


Article Internet Marketing Strategy Part 2 – Goals and the Most Wanted Response

Article Internet Marketing Strategy – Part 1 gives an overview of some of the considerations you need to make when formulating an article marketing plan.

In Part 2, we will look a little more specifically at the end goal of your articles – in other words, the Most Wanted Response (MWR).

You must know what your Most Wanted Response is and the overall goal of your article Internet marketing strategy before you begin. We’ll look at the typical MWRs in article marketing, and how article marketing outsourcing can help you achieve your goals.

Article Marketing Strategy for Traffic and Subscribers

One article marketing strategy focuses on simply trying to generate as much targeted traffic as possible to a website or sign-up page for an email course or newsletter.

This strategy has a few pros and cons. The reason some marketers favor this method is that generally, creating a subscriber base and building up an email lists of loyal followers will lead to better conversion rates and more money in the long run, compared to a direct sales method.

On the downside, this strategy will take longer to bear fruit in terms of profits; you will have to wait a while to see if it  works or not. This is the “slow and steady wins the race” approach to article marketing. In this strategy, your MWR is to either get a click through to your site, or an email opt-in.

Article Marketing for Direct Sales

An alternative to generating traffic to a site and building up a repeat traffic and subscriber base is to simply create articles that are designed to encourage an impulse purchase. Obviously, the language used for this type of article will be vastly different from traffic-generating articles.

A traffic-generating article will be casual and informative, whereas a direct sales article will need to employ sales copywriting techniques to be effective.

As compared to the above article marketing strategy, this one will generally yield a lower conversion rate as you don’t get the repeat contacts and trust-building time that you have when you build an email list.

On the upside, if you have well crafted sales copy you can start making big money right away, depending on your niche and product. The MWR in this instance is a purchase.

Article Marketing for Rankings

This was covered somewhat in the first strategy article – and, in fact, there’s no reason why you can’t combine this with one of the other two strategies mentioned here. One of the great benefits of article marketing sites is their high rankings with major search engines like Google.

A link back to your site from an article you’ve posted can be worth a lot when it comes to rankings. Some marketers prefer to go for quantity, having lots of “spun,” nonsense articles posted to hundreds of article sites.

In fact, you are better to simply post quality articles to the best, highest PageRank article marketing sites to get the best results, as this appears much less “spammy” from Google’s point of view.

This strategy doesn’t even have to have a MWR with respect to readers, as its purpose is to boost the rankings of a site. The site itself will then generate the MWR from it’s increased traffic.

Article Marketing Outsourcing

As you have probably realized by now, a highly successful article marketing strategy can be difficult to pull off on your own. This is especially true if you manage multiple websites.

This is why many site owners now integrate outsourcing as part of their article Internet marketing strategies, as this allows them to leverage their time and get the best results.

Article Marketing Automation: The Strategy Your Business Needs

You may be unsure at this point exactly which angle you should be coming from with your article Internet marketing strategy. Indeed, a strategy that can work wonders for a particular business in a particular niche may be a complete waste of time for another business.

The only way to find out is to dip your toe in the water and test, test, test.

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