How To Develop An Article Marketing System For Your Business


How To Develop An Article Marketing System For Your Business

This article marketing guide covers the process of creating an article for submission to article marketing sites, step by step.

We’ll cover all the essentials:

  • Keyword selection
  • Elements of the article
  • Article tone and voice
  • The resource box
  • Article marketing sites

You can refer to this article marketing guide as you write to make sure you get everything right.

Choosing Your Keywords

Ideally, you should already have a list of targeted keywords to work from for the best search engine marketing results. Choose one specific keyword to write the article around, and choose one or two closely related secondary keywords if applicable.

But don’t spread yourself too thin – each article should be focused on one main keyword. You can use keyword research tools, like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, to identify good specific keywords related to your niche.

The Anatomy of a Marketing Article

Let’s touch on the key parts of an article for marketing purposes:

The Headline. This should be brief and punchy to draw the reader in and encourage click-throughs from the search engine results pages. It should contain your main specific keyword, for search engine optimization purposes. So, for example, if your keyword is ‘buying red shoes,’ and appropriate title might be: ‘5 Hot Tips for Buying Red Shoes.’

The Body. This is the meat of your article. Focus on providing useful information in the article body – avoid fluff and filler, as this will not result in click-throughs (which means the article won’t make you any money).

If your reader doesn’t draw value from your article, she won’t bother to follow through by clicking on the links in your resource box. If you’re writing a more direct-marketing style of article, you can use a more forward sales focused approach.

But, for the most part, article marketing should be focused on providing useful information to potential customers. This is a good rule of thumb you’ll hear from most of the best search engine marketing experts.

Sub-headings. If you have secondary keywords, try to use them in sub-headings throughout the article. Even if you don’t have extra keywords, articles are much easier to read online when they’re broken up by headlines.

Use your headlines to make the article flow better – like the article headline, sub-headings should be succinct and punchy, drawing the reader in to read the next paragraph.

Tone and Voice of the Article

As mentioned above, the article should aim at providing useful information. The way this information is delivered is also important. Consider your target audience – what is an appropriate tone for addressing these people?

For the most part, Internet article writing should be very simple. Most articles should be written with language that a twelve-year-old could understand. Keep the tone of the article conversational at friendly – it should sound natural when read out loud.

This will help to develop a relationship between you and your readers, building trust. Never condescend to your readers, or talk down to them.

Article Marketing Resource Box Tips

The resource box can really make or break the effectiveness of a marketing article. Even if you’ve written a high quality, informative article, you still need a tight resource box that will encourage people to click on the links you provide.

Your resource box should reiterate your status as an expert in your niche and emphasize the value of the extra information you provide.

If you have a newsletter or autoresponder email course, linking to it from your resource box can be an effective strategy.

As far as the link text itself, use the specific keyword of the page you are highlighting on your website – this will help boost the rankings of that page.

Article Marketing Sites

There are thousands of article marketing sites in existence these days. The vast majority are a waste of your time, since they get no traffic and have no ‘reputation’ with Google.

You are best to focus on a handful of top sites with a high Google PageRank – these will yield the best results in terms of traffic, and provide strong links back to your site. All the top article marketing sites will require you to create an account and give you the option to develop an author profile.

Here are a few worthwhile sites:


Of these, EzineArticles is the favorite around the web due to the fact that it has extremely high traffic and a high Google PageRank.

It’s also popular because many Internet marketers use it for finding free content, and if they pick up one of your articles for use in an Ezine, they are legally required to include your resource box – which can mean more backlinks and more targeted traffic.

This is where the snowball effect of article marketing comes into play.

Extra Article Marketing Help

This article marketing guide gives you an outline for creating your own marketing articles. Sometimes, though, you just don’t have the time, patience or expertise to handle article marketing yourself. Invest in using an article marketing professional-it’s worth it.

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