Article Marketing Secrets Of The Best Copywriters Revealed


Article Marketing Secrets Of The Best Copywriters Revealed

Doing article marketing right can be daunting for a beginner. Luckily, article marketing help is available for those in need.

This article will reveal some article marketing secrets and guide you over some of the most common hurdles online entrepreneurs encounter when trying to make best use of this highly praised form of marketing. After reading through this you will know how to avoid making major article marketing related mistakes.

How Many Keywords Should I Use?

Keyword selection and keyword density are important for search engine optimization (SEO) and they are areas often misunderstood by would-be article marketers. Here are a few basic, general rules relating to keywords for article marketing purposes:

  • Each article should be built around one specific keyword phrase, which should be included in the Title, Keyword and Description META tags
  • The specific phrase or close variants should make up about 2-3% of the total body copy. This can be checked using online article marketing tools to ensure all articles are perfectly search engine friendly.
  • You can sprinkle other related keywords throughout, but each article should primarily focus on ranking for one high demand keyword

Stick to these three principles and you’ll be on the right track. Of course, this implies that you’ve researched and chosen high demand, winnable keywords in the first place, which is an art in itself.

Article Marketing Secrets: How Do I Choose Good Keywords?

First, you need to know what good keywords are. Good keywords should be specific, have a lot of people searching for them, and have preferably have little competition. Don’t make the mistake of trying to target extremely general keywords, like ‘golf.’

In this case, you will come up against a tsunami of competition which you can’t possibly beat unless you have plenty of money to invest in hiring people to write tons of articles.

Many of the best keywords for article marketing are three or four-word phrases. For instance, an article focused on the keyword ‘golf swing tips’ will probably be much better in terms of traffic than one on the keyword ‘golf.’

Although fewer people search for ‘golf swing tips’ than ‘golf,’ you have a much better chance of ranking well for the longer keyword phrase. What this means is that you’re more likely to get traffic from it.

The key for smaller businesses interested in SEO article submission is to find lots of these specific words and write lots of articles. This is a great strategy to use rather than trying to target big, general keywords.

Big businesses with time and resources to spare can afford to go after the truly high demand keywords. However even the big boys and girls should still be targeting the ‘easier’ keywords as well.

I Chose Good Keywords – Why Am I Not Getting Traffic?

This is a common complaint – someone believes they have done everything right, but they aren’t getting results. Usually it’s because they’ve relied on article marketing help from a poor source of information and never really learned how to do things right.

If this is the position you’re in, chances are you’ve made one of these common article marketing related mistakes:

  • You’ve tried targeting keywords that are too general
  • You’ve targeted keywords that have too much strong competition
  • You haven’t optimized your articles properly for the search engines
  • You need to build links to your articles before you’ll start to rank higher

These cover the four blunders that will account for most failed article marketing plans.

Article Marketing Secrets: Automating Your Campaign

One of the dreams of many people who get into Internet marketing – whether they admit it or not – is to one day sit back with a cash-generating business that “runs itself.”

While the Internet has made it possible to automate businesses to an extent never seen before, getting to that point and then maintaining that position requires time and resources.

The smartest and most savvy Internet marketers use outsourcing – leveraging other people’s time – to get to that stage. It’s worth the investment!

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