How To Buy SEO Articles That Boost Your Profits

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How To Buy SEO Articles That Boost Your Profits

Top quality article marketing services are the answer to the prayers of many online businesspeople who know the power of a good article marketing plan. On the other hand they know they don’t have the time to manage their own article marketing campaigns.

Here is where a great article marketing service allows you to step back from the process. It goes without saying that you must trust your campaign is in the hands of qualified, experienced writers. Not just experienced in writing but comes with a strong background in SEO and copywriting.

You want quality, consistent, results-oriented marketing service looking after the SEO part of your business. This means no outsourcing to cheap, clueless writers on freelance exchange sites. As you have made a strategic business decision to get onboard an experienced SEO company, you expect them to work to improve your online business sales by:

  • identifying keywords specific to your area of business
  • creating an appropriate strategy for your niche and products
  • writing high quality articles that lead to sales
  • posting articles to article marketing sites consistently during your sales campaign

Let’s look at each of these main components of our SEO article writing service in turn.

Article Marketing Research – Finding the Winning Keywords

Keywords are the basis of any successful article marketing plan. Great SEO companies use state-of-the-art keyword research tools to identify high potential keywords in your niche. They have software tools to track traffic numbers and the conversion potential of the words. In doing so, they can judge where your resources should best be focused.

Article Marketing SEO Strategy Planning

Your SEO guru should custom design an article marketing strategy that fits your business. They understand you’ll want different things depending on your niche and the marketing style of your business. Some site owners want a large quantity of articles to help sell a $10 ebook. Others want to bring in a small amount of extremely targeted traffic for a product that sells for thousands of dollars.

The SEO company you have chosen understands that every business is unique. The experienced ones will immediately “get” that each business requires a unique, tailored strategy to succeed. So, one size does NOT fit all!

Article Marketing SEO Plan Execution – The Article Writing Phase

You can forget about the days of haggling on Elance over sub-standard work. You know this is false economy as you will then spend hours editing and fixing up poor quality articles that don’t generate sales. When you buy SEO articles, your articles should be written by native English speaking, university graduates. Increasingly, it is expected the writers will have some experience in Internet marketing.

The SEO article writing service must deliver crafted articles that speak to your specific target audience. This means they are specialists at selling or pre-selling products as necessary. Just as important, they must conform to the most effective white hat search engine optimization techniques.

Getting The Articles Out There

Distributing the articles is an issue that falls under strategy planning. Remember that it’s something you should discuss with your SEO guru as part of a wider article marketing SEO plan.

Some site owners will be looking for maximum exposure and want to distribute to as many article sites as possible. On the other hand, some business owners want to target only a handful of the top article marketing sites. Their job is to help you decide on the best plan for your purposes – then make it happen.

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