How to Increase Your Website Traffic With Natural SEO & Offline Article Writing Tips


How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Natural SEO & Offline Writing Tips

This article writing information will help you craft high quality articles. These are general principles that are particularly useful if you’re creating online articles for natural SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

We will cover the basic elements of style related to writing short articles which are intended to convey information to the reader.

Write in a Natural Way

When people who don’t have a lot of writing experience turn their hand to writing a good article, they tend to overdo it. They try to take on a writing style which is not really “theirs” but feel it should reflect a dry, academic style that they think of as “good writing.”

In truth, good writing is writing that clearly communicates ideas from the writer to the reader. You don’t have to constantly be performing verbal gymnastics to impress the reader with your huge vocabulary. First be clear about who is your target audience (customer). Picture in your mind that you are there to help them solve a problem or answer their question.

The stuffy and formal style of writing has the opposite of the intended effect. They sense your writing is stilted, processed and unnatural. Do not be condescending or patronizing in your tone. People aren’t fools; they get a sense of whether you are genuine or taking the mick. It turns the reader off because they can sense that you aren’t communicating in an authentic way.

Use Your Natural Voice

You should always aim to write with a natural voice. Don’t try to “smarten up” your words with flowery or turgid prose. You will always create more trust by communicating in an honest, authentic voice. Set your ego aside as this is not an exercise in making your writing sound clever.

This is also true for natural SEO. Don’t cram keywords in so your sentences sound stilted and unnatural. Natural SEO is all about including your keywords in your writing in a way that flows. This will look and feel normal to a human reader. This is a skill you will pick up if you commit to practicing every day. Don’t give up, just keep working on your skills.

Check For Correct Grammar and Spelling

Think about the standard you accept if your copy is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s a sign of a lack of professionalism and a lack of respect for your customer. Your visitors will think, “If this person can’t be bothered to do a spelling and grammar check on their own writing, how can I trust their product or service to solve my problem?” Do yourself a favor and hire a copy editor to tidy up your draft articles.

Put yourself in their shoes. How do you react when you see an obvious spelling mistake in an ad? It may not put your off buying something, but it certainly damages your idea of that company’s brand value for the future. Remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Referencing Sources of Information

Sometimes the publication you’re writing for and the ideas you’re using may need to be referenced. Whenever you use a direct quote from someone else you should credit the original speaker or author. There are various styles of referencing quotes which are too complex to cover in this short article. Respect the Intellectual Property of the source of information you quoted in your article. Good etiquette equals good karma, dear reader.

If the information is general knowledge, or it is your own ideas synthesized from other sources, you may not need to worry about referencing. However, if the ideas that are obviously recognizable as someone else’s, you should give credit where credit is due. Referencing helps you avoid running into legal problems when it comes to copyrights and plagiarism.

Some article writing information may indicate to you that referencing is less important online. Unless you are an expert in your field you should provide references. This applies especially when you’ve done research to supplement your own ideas.

Structuring Your Writing

Remember the KISS principle-Keep It Simple Silly.

Many new writers have problems with organizing their ideas because they lack any concept of structure.  Aim to give your articles an introduction that outlines the content and topic, a body which covers your main points, and a conclusion which sums up what you have said.

It takes some time to master this structure, but once you get it you will find article writing much easier.

This article writing information should get you started on the path to crafting well-written articles that really speak to your target readers.

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