The Best Copywriters – Traits of Top Online Marketing Specialists

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The Best Copywriters – Traits of Top Online Marketing Specialists

Making sure you find the best copywriters from amongst the many thousand of pretenders on the Internet can be a daunting task.

There are a few criteria you can use when qualifying a potential writer for a project or long-term writing gig. Four of these traits are explained below.

Any experienced, effective copywriter will display these traits. They are part of what make up the “X factor” writing ability that generates interest, leads, and sales for your business. Below are the traits of the all time greatest copywriters.

Key Online Marketing Expert Trait 1: Attention to Detail

Copywriting is a game of inches. This is particularly true for ad copywriting, where space is limited. In fact, for a project like a Google advertising campaign, each ad can only contain a maximum number of characters. This is no less true even for longer forms like a sales letter or sales website.

So an expert copywriter needs to be aware of the purpose each of her words serves. These include any double meanings that might creep in. The writing needs to be viewed critically until it says exactly what you want to say. Your copy needs to be said in a succinct way that is suitable to the end goals of your project.

Attention to detail is also important not just for the writing itself, but also in the planning stages. Some writers are very talented at dreaming up copy, but fail to pay attention to the needs of the client. Sadly this then leads to missed opportunities and sub-standard results.

Key Online Marketing Expert Trait 2: Adaptability

Every copywriting project is different. The copywriter who tries to use the same process and approach on every project will never reach her full potential. What is more concerning is that some of her work will inevitably fall short of the mark.

The best copywriters will take on each new project with fresh eyes. She understands what is similar to their past experiences and what is entirely new. This special breed of copywriter knows it require the application of creativity and problem-solving skills.

Key Online Marketing Expert Trait 3: Willingness to Push Boundaries

In order to be effective, copywriting must grab attention. That’s simply the nature of the game. In some industries and niches, this may require breaking free of politically correct “safety zones.” People are bored of being bombarded with similar ads and marketing messages every day. So eventually they tune out the noise. Don’t become part of the noise.

An expert copywriter will find an angle for your business and present that in writing. This means that your target audience will have no choice but to be captivated.

Key Online Marketing Expert Trait 4: The Ability to Discover True Benefits

One of the cornerstones of solid copywriting is a focus on the benefits of the product or service offered. Poor copywriters will simply point out the features of a product. Average copywriters will focus on some benefits of the product. In contrast, the great copywriters will get to the real emotional core of why a potential customer needs the product.

The best online marketing specialists can find those real core benefits. They are able to write about them in an almost magical way that creates an instant emotional response in readers.

Logical reasons for not buying a product are easy to give in to for most people. What really makes a difference is when they have a real emotional investment in a product. This is when they understand it can remove pain or improve their life in some way. In the end they have no choice but to purchase it sooner or later.

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