Why You Need A Great Book Ghostwriter For Your Business

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Why You Need A Great Book Ghostwriter For Your Business

Book ghostwriters have been used for centuries to pen manuscripts that have gone on to be published under the name of a politician, celebrity, or other author.

In fact, many popular novels by “big name” authors have titles on bookstore shelves which were actually written by ghostwriters. This explains how some blockbuster novelists can churn out two or three several-hundred-page books in a year.

Who Can Use a Book Ghost Writer?

But there are plenty of practical uses for a book ghostwriter even if you aren’t a politician, celebrity or big name author. You may just want a business book with your name on it to help pre-sell your business and style yourself as an expert in your field. You may be itching to put an autobiography to paper while you still have time, but you can’t find the words to do it yourself. This is where book ghostwriting comes in handy.

A book ghostwriter will complete your project, writing in a style that matches your voice. You then put your name on it and publish it as your own. It’s that simple.

But is it? Let’s look at one of the major objections to using a ghostwriter…

But It’s My Book…

You may be concerned that a book ghostwriter won’t be able to capture the essence of the book you envision. This is the main concern which stops people from looking deeper into book ghostwriting, and as a result many excellent books remain unwritten.

Of course, with many ghostwriters, this is a legitimate concern – but not with the best ghostwriters. Remember, if you’ve ever read a big name author or a politician’s autobiography, chances are you were really reading the work of an expert ghostwriter – and you didn’t even notice the difference. The truly top-notch ghostwriters produce seamless work.

Your Kind of Writing – But Better

Now, you may even be thinking: “But I don’t want the book to sound exactly like my own writing – if that’s the case I might as well do it myself.” This exposes another benefit of hiring a well-educated and experienced writer to do the job for you.

A writer can adopt your voice, but also inject more flair and style into the writing, creating a more engaging experience for the reader.

This is a skill which can only be developed by writing on a daily basis for a long period of time – it can’t be faked or imitated. A good book ghost writer knows how to strike the perfect balance so that the writing is believably “yours” while also being stimulating and meeting the conventional standards of good print writing.

Help With The Process

This brings us to another positive element of using book ghost writers – you’re working with someone who knows the process of developing a book from an outline through to a finished manuscript ready to send to a publisher, or self-publish.

You’ll have someone on your side with experience in researching and referencing a publishable work.

And what’s more, you’ll have an extra pair of eyes for proofreading and editing once the first draft is finished – processes which are equally as important as the writing itself.

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