How to Buy Guaranteed Web Site Traffic – Tips to Buy Targeted Traffic

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How to Buy Guaranteed Web Site Traffic – Tips to Buy Targeted Traffic

Learning how to buy guaranteed web site traffic is a central element of creating a successful business online. How well you master the art of advertising your web site will determine to a large extent whether your succeed or fail in the world of online business.

As with anything in business, your mastery of this element is measured by the return you get on the money you put into buying that traffic – in short, your profits.

How much is it costing you to acquire that next customer – and how much is that customer worth to you in the long run? When you buy targeted traffic, is it converting well? Do you have guaranteed traffic sources, or can you easily lose all your traffic from one source?

If you can’t answer these questions, then you still have more to learn. When you can answer them, you can then compare technique to buy targeted traffic brings in the best results.

Buy Targeted Traffic from Google Adwords

Google Adwords is widely regarded amongst the Internet marketing community as being the top system for acquiring targeted traffic to your site via advertising. If you’re asking, “How should I be advertising my web site?” – this is the answer you will hear the most often.

With Adwords, you bid against competitors on keywords relevant to your site, product or service. When someone types in those keywords in a Google search your ads will be displayed to them.

How much exposure your ads get depends on a combination of factors, including the amount you bid for each keyword (more competitive words will cost you more), the click-through-rate of each ad and the quality of the landing page you sen visitors to.

Buying traffic in this way can be a highly effective method of generating targeted visitors to your site if you sell a high-value product or service, and you have the excellent direct marketing copy necessary to generate good conversions rates, either from your site itself or an email list.

Getting Guaranteed Traffic: The Drawbacks of Search Engine Advertising

However, there are some sites, products and services that don’t lend themselves well to advertising on Google or other search engine marketing networks. One example of this is information sites which themselves monetize mainly through advertising.

While it is possible to target low-value keywords that convert into high-value ad clicks on your site, this is time-consuming and rarely rewarding in financial terms. If you monetize through advertising, there are much better ways to deliver visitors to your site.

The other drawback of trying to buy guaranteed web site traffic from advertising networks like Google is that it continues to cost you money over time in order for you to keep getting results. When you compare this to paying for search engine optimized site content, the difference over time is obvious.

When you buy traffic, you are paying a little at a time – but you have to pay forever, as long as you run your business. When you pay for optimized content articles for your site, while it may cost you more up front, those articles will continue to deliver targeted traffic to your site for years with no ongoing cost to you.

Can You Buy Web Site Traffic Wholesale?

Some entrepreneurs attempt to buy web site traffic wholesale from advertising networks who boast that their ads appear on “hundreds of search engines.” This is a huge mistake. The vast majority of searches use the four main engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Advertising on any other search engines is a waste of your time.

Creating a Solid Search Engine Advertising Campaign

In order to get the best results with a search engine marketing campaign, you need to optimize and test your ads and carefully select the keywords you target. The more compelling the copy of your ads is, the more clicks they will receive and they more potential buyers you will have access to.

On top of that, ads with higher clickthrough rates will start show up higher relative to competitors, because these are the ads making the most money for the search engine. With solid ad copy, everyone wins – you, the search engine, and the consumer who pays for your product or service.

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How to Buy Guaranteed Web Site Traffic – Tips to Buy Targeted Traffic   

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How to Buy Guaranteed Web Site Traffic – Tips to Buy Targeted Traffic

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