How a Content Copywriter Can Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

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How a Content Copywriter Can Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

Why hire a content copywriter? Well, generally the decision will be preceded by long months of frustration with a website that just doesn’t “work.”

Then again, many seasoned online marketers will go out of their way to have a high quality content writer build a new site from scratch, to ensure the content is top notch and consistent.

If you own a portfolio of sites, having good content writers build them for you is an excellent strategy to help you get leverage and grow your income faster.

This article will look more closely about the standard you can expect from a content writer and the benefits of hiring a professional.

Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

One of the fundamental skills of a good website content writer is the ability to optimize your site to bring in search engine traffic, which is the lifeblood of many online businesses.

Unskilled website content writers may deliver content which is overstuffed with too many keywords – this might look good if you don’t know much about search engine optimization, but it will actually hurt your site’s rankings at Google.

Good content copywriters know how to identify good keywords, and how to use those keywords within each content page to guarantee your site gets plenty of love from the search engines in the form of targeted traffic.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Most website owners are aware of the role keywords play in making your site come up at the top of the Google search results. A lesser known factor that can influence your rankings is your Bounce Rate – this is the percentage of your visitors who click straight back to the search results after visiting only one page of your site.

This is used to stop low quality, spammy sites from reaching the top of the search engines just by putting keywords in the right place.

If 98% of visitors to a site click back to the search results straight away, Google can assume the content of the site is very low quality. As a result, that site will get busted down the rankings – Google only wants to serve up high quality content to its users.

The beauty of this is that Bounce Rate can’t be manipulated by search engine “cheats.” Although it’s a relatively small factor in determining your rankings, it’s one of many that can’t be faked – and together, they add up.

In order to keep your Bounce Rate down and your rankings higher, you need to have high quality content that captivates readers, encouraging to stay on your site longer and click through to other pages.

On top of pleasing the search engines, a lower bounce rate simply means more visitors are sticking around long enough to find out what you can do for them. A skilled content copywriter can achieve these results.

Pre-Sell Your Visitors

Pre-selling is a fundamental concept of online business. It’s based on the concept that visitors to a site generally want to be informed, not pitched. Some sites don’t fit this model, but generally speaking most sites should have some friendly, informative content to “warm up” visitors before they get led through to the next part of the sales process.

Understanding and applying the difference between writing that sells and writing that pre-sells is one skill that separates the professionals from the amateurs when it comes to content copywriting.

Content Standards, and Why You Should Avoid Bidding Sites

Outsourcing can be a scary venture for some businesses. You’re giving away control of a very important aspect of your website to someone who is not really an employee (although you may have a contractual relationship).

You need to be careful who you entrust this task too, especially is you’re a solo operator on a small budget. Strangely, the first thing many people do is head over to the freelance exchange websites and give away their project to the lowest bidder. Many a lesson has been learned in this way.

This is not to say that all website content writers on freelance bidding sites are low quality – there are talented and qualified people to be found there, make no mistake. But they are also overwhelmed with low quality website content writers with extremely poor English and zero experience.

You run the risk of ending up with poor quality content that you have to waste hours fixing up.

On top of that, there’s the possibility that the person you hire will simply steal articles from the web and sell them to you as original work, or sell you articles that have already been sold to another client.

Likewise, the articles that writer creates for you may end up becoming a Private Label Rights package that gets sold on to dozens of other marketers.

The risks are just not worth the potential savings of using these sites. There are too many horror stories. Premium Online Writing was founded as an alternative to this type of outsourcing.

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How a Content Copywriter Can Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic   

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How a Content Copywriter Can Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

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