How To Choose The Best Online Marketing Specialists

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How To Choose The Best Online Marketing Specialists

Having good direct response copywriters on your team is the closest you’ll ever come to getting a license to print money. So how to you choose the best online marketing specialist?

Success leaves clues-all the best copywriters have certain winning traits. We’ll discuss them here.

Branding and relationship building are important for long term business success, but nothing will have a more immediate impact on your sales than using an excellent direct response copywriter.

Having your copy written by a pro direct mail copywriter could literally mean doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your sales.

Immediate, Measurable Results to Your Bottom Line

The beauty of direct response copywriting is that you don’t have to wait long to find out if it’s effective. This is especially true online. By sending hundreds or thousands of visitors a day to a direct response sales page, you’ll know very quickly what its conversion rate is. This is real time feedback regarding the expertise of your copywriter.

What more, you’ll see immediate improvements when you have a direct response copywriter touch up or re-write your page to make it really snap. Their skill in fine tuning copy means turning those unsure prospects and fence-sitters into paying customers. Pretty cool!

You can easily split-test different variations to see what is working and what isn’t. This is the key to turning a sales website into a well-oiled cash producing machine.

Less Reliance on Follow Up Marketing

Every serious marketer knows that following up on interested leads is essential to increasing your conversions. This is evidenced by the prevalence of email newsletters and autoresponders courses around the Internet – repeat contact means more sales. Repeat after me-The fortune is in the follow up

On the other hand, you don’t want to rely on follow-ups just because you can’t make sales on the first contact – that the result of poor sales copy. Having tight, high-converting sales writing combined with an optimized follow-up strategy is like putting your business on steroids.

Creating Lifelong Customers

There’s a simple principle in sales: it’s easier to sell to someone who has already decided to buy from you. Of course, this assumes you have high quality products or services. But consider this: if your direct response copywriting is effective, you’ll automatically have more customers to promote your back-end products to.

This means more repeat business and the development of relationships with lifelong customers. But that process all begins with breaking the psychological barrier between each customer and the decision to buy from you. Great direct response copywriting makes breaking that barrier easier.

What Makes Direct Response Writing Different?

Many website owners make the mistake of thinking that because they can write effective SEO content, they can also write their own sales copy.

These two activities require a completely different skill set. What this means is that some entrepreneurs can have the frustrating experience of building a content-rich site, getting lots of targeted traffic, creating a product, but make exactly zero sales.

The key difference is that web content simply informs and builds trust whereas sales copy must stimulate the right emotions that will lead the reader to make a purchase. More important, the customer still feel good about it afterwards.

Building trust is vital, especially online, but in order to sell you still need copy with that ‘killer instinct’. This is the what  inspires readers to make a decision – not tomorrow, but now.

This is done using techniques and principles that can only be learned through study and experience. A talent with words is also essential.

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