3 Ways To Increase Your Email Marketing Success

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3 Ways To Increase Your Email Marketing Success

Hiring a pro email copywriter is a wise move for any business. I’d estimate over 95% of Internet marketers are leaving money on the table because their email newsletter or autoresponder copy just isn’t compelling enough to inspire action.

We’ve all heard the saying, “The money is in the list.” But the truth is, there may be money in your list – but you’re not tapping into it. Because your list isn’t responsive.

The job of the email marketing agency you hire is to make them respond. Their job is to make them feel something – feelings lead to action. There are three elements to this process.

1. Get Your Emails Opened

Go look at your email inbox. I’m guessing it’s pretty crowded, right? Your readers see the same thing every time they log in to their email account. And worse, many of those other emails cluttering up the inbox will be from your competitors.

Getting the message opened is half the battle. You need to create a sense of trust, combined with emotional need, all in the space of an email subject line. It’s a subtle art. Most email marketing companies can’t do it.

Using the correct business email format is part of this. But it’s not simply paint-by-numbers – you also need creative copy.

And note that I mentioned a ‘sense of trust.’ You can give the reader an emotional need to open the email, a compelling reason – but without a sense of trust in what you offer, the wheels will fall off further down the track when you ask them to buy from you. It’s important for your email copywriting to be trustworthy and credible.

2. Get Your Emails Read

It’s easy to go find a formula for a great subject line, and that can boost your email open rate somewhat by following a cookie-cutter business email format (especially if your current open rate is terrible). But what happens next? The subject line is important – it must grab attention and create enough interest to get the reader to open the email – but it’s not everything.

Every word, every line of your email copywriting must keep the reader moving forward. If you drop the ball for a moment with a dull or irrelevant sentence, you can lose your reader right then and there. It’s a dangerous game, this email copywriting – you’re constantly walking on a knife edge.

Your emails need to be written as if they’re competing for the reader’s time and attention against 100 or 1000 other unopened emails (because usually that’s the truth). This is the skill a good digital copywriter brings to the table.

3. Get the Click

The marketing email’s job is usually NOT to close the sale on its own. It’s to get the reader to click through to a landing page. The landing page does the selling. Great marketing emails are usually pretty short and to-the-point. They say what they need to say, then ask for the click.

If they’re compelling and persuasive enough, they’ll get the click. If they’re dull, boring and just like every other message cramming the reader’s inbox – your mail might get opened, but that’s as far as the reader will go. No action – or sales – will result.

Hire a Professional Email Copywriter

Want to boost response to your emails, get more clicks, and ultimately make more sales? Hire a digital copywriter to create compelling copy for your next email marketing campaign.

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