How Expert Copywriter Secrets Can Transform Your Business


How Expert Copywriter Secrets Can Transform Your Business

Many small business people are reluctant to pay the sometimes extravagant fees to hire an expert copywriter. Even large businesses who should know better are sometimes guilty of using under-qualified and under-skilled individuals from within the organization to deal with copywriting, rather than bringing in an expert.

This article will outline some of the reasons why hiring a highly skilled copywriter is worth the fees. The best copywriters know and utilize copywriting secrets that can literally transform your business. We’ll also touch on what reasonable fees are for a talented copywriter to help you avoid getting ripped off.

Direct Response Copywriters

Most people whose living is tied up to sales have learned about the concept of repeat exposure. On the Internet in particular, business owners learn that in order to make sales they must put their brand and products in front of their audience again and again and again – seven exposures is often cited as the norm before a customer will purchase


However, a good direct response copywriter knows how to turn more readers into customers with fewer exposures. You will find more readers turn into customers in a shorter period of time when you hire a professional copywriter to handle your marketing materials.

This is particularly important if you plan to send Pay Per Click traffic directly to an online sales page – in this situation, your conversion rate from that first exposure can entirely determine the viability of your business.

Copywriting Secrets for Brand Building

Expert copywriting has power beyond just boosting sales in the short term. The words and images that represent your business go a long way towards creating a brand impression in your potential customers’ minds.

Just one memorable sentence written by an expert copywriter can be enough to keep your brand in the minds of thousands of potential customers. Positive brand awareness encourages word of mouth and leads to repeat business, which is essential to the long term success and growth of any venture.

The skills of your website content copywriter will be one of the biggest factors determining the success of your site in building your business.

Copywriting Secrets for Better Conversion Rates

If you run a low traffic, high yield website, getting your conversion rates as high as possible is essential. If your site only gets 10 qualified visitors per day and you sell a product or service worth thousands of dollars, you need to make as many of those visitors count as possible.

Likewise, if you have a high traffic sites selling a large volume of low yield products, an increase in your conversion rate from 1% to 2% means a doubling of revenue.

A true expert copywriter knows what is needed to take a website, brochure or sales page to that next level, bumping up your conversion rate and ultimately your profits.

For a content-rich site, having excellent website content copywriters is essential for keeping your visitors around longer, and a good direct response copywriter will make sure those qualified leads convert.

What’s a Reasonable Rate for a Professional Copywriter?

Different professionals use different pricing systems – some charge per word, some per project, and some per hour. You may have heard of copywriters who charge upwards of $5,000 for a sales page – there are businesses out there who understand the real power of the right copy.

That said, you may be able to find a quality writer who is new to the industry for much cheaper than that on a freelance bidding site, but trying to find a writer with top level copywriter experience that way is a needle-in-a-haystack scenario.

You could waste days on a site like Elance trying to find a cheap copywriter who isn’t terrible – generally ‘cheap’ and ‘copywriter’ don’t go together for a very good reason.

Ultimately you have to determine how much you’re willing to pay based on the potential returns the writing is expected to generate, but generally speaking professional copywriters will earn anywhere between $50 and $120 on an hourly basis.

In short, real expert copywriters don’t come cheap but they are more than worth the money in terms of the revenue their work can produce. For example, those $5,000+ sales pages are likely to produce many thousands or even millions of dollars in profits in the long term.

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How Expert Copywriter Secrets Can Transform Your Business   

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How Expert Copywriter Secrets Can Transform Your Business

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