4 Top Secrets To Ezine Article Writing For Profit


4 Top Secrets To Ezine Article Writing For Profit

There are a few key factors about ezine article writing that you must understand in order to be successful.

In email marketing, you will find that various elements of the writing take on extra importance, whereas aspects of writing that are central to other forms of written communication are less important.

Ezine writing and email marketing help businesses in numerous ways, but only if you do them right.

Secret 1: It All Begins with Headlines

For instance, headlines can really make or break each email you send out. You may have a huge mailing list, but you must get those on your list to open and read each email you send out. If you can’t, then that list will turn out to be pretty worthless to you.

It’s not just about having big list – you need a list that interacts with your emails and responds to you. So the first step is to craft tight copy for your subject lines.

Writing a good headline is something of a tightrope act. You don’t want to overdo it with hype, but you want to use attention-grabbing, succinct words that get their attention. This will spark the reader’s curiosity and encourage them to open the email and read it.

Just think about your own email inbox – how many newsletters and freebies have you signed up for? Chances are, you may get a whole lot of emails you never even bother to open. However, if a clever headline catches your eye with strong words and creates intrigue, you will open it to read more. True?

Secret 2: The Role of the Ellipsis…

Another commonly used technique in email marketing is to make liberal use of the ellipsis (…). The theory is that the use of this punctuation helps to draw the reader through to the next line. Try it for yourself, if you don’t think it works.

Secret 3: The Tone of an Ezine Article

Writing email newsletters or ezines is similar in some ways to writing a web sales letter, and writing web page content. Let’s call it a hybrid style. Let me explain.

Your ezine needs to be written like sales copy in one particular way: every sentence, every headline and piece of punctuation, must create tension that draws the reader on to the next sentence. Everything must encourage them to read all the way through.

However, there is an importance difference – and this is where ezines should resemble website articles. Ezine article writing must offer valuable information, rather than attempting to “sell” too much.

You do need a call to action – and we’ll talk about that next – but the bulk of your email should be offering value. You have to give more than you take.

Secret 4: The Call to Action and the Most Wanted Response

If you don’t include a call to action in your ezine writing, your readers won’t respond. It’s as simple as that. You need to know what you Most Wanted Response is for each email, and craft a call to action which makes that clear.

The Most Wanted Response could be just about anything, but typically it will be something like a purchase of an E-book. It can also be a sign-up for another email list or an auto-responder course.

Getting It Done Right

If this all sounds beyond you, don’t despair. You don’t have to miss out on the stunning effectiveness of email marketing simply because you aren’t sure how to write the emails yourself. Don’t waste your time on cheap article writing. Instead use writing services that include complete email marketing campaigns to help you boost sales from your list or lists.

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