How to Find a Ghostwriter

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How to Find a Ghostwriter

Trying to find a ghostwriter who can understand and meet the needs of your project for a reasonable fee can seem like a monumental task.

If it’s a personal project, such as a memoir or book, you’ll need to find a ghost writer who can do a top-notch job of writing in your style and voice.

For commercial projects, you’ll also need to hire a ghostwriter who has sufficient business knowledge to comprehend the goals of the writing. A knowledge of the publishing format you’re using, be it print or online, is also important.

The Freelance Exchange Sites – Buyer Beware

Freelance exchange websites and sites like Craigslist are well-known for being good places for finding cheap ghostwriters. The Internet has made it easy to hire a ghostwriter – however, the quality of many of them is questionable at best.

Unfortunately, when it comes to ghostwriting, ‘cheap’ almost inevitably corresponds to low quality.

If you hire a cheap ghostwriter who has no references or feedback, you run the risk of receiving poor quality writing or no writing at all.

On the other hand, there are many cheap writers on these sites for whom English is a second language – while they can do a passable job for low-priority projects, the slightest mistakes in grammar or spelling can totally ruin an important piece of work – and create more editing work for you.

If you’re going to attach your name to the writing and call it your own, you want it to be written by a professional with an excellent grasp of the English language.

Another massive problem with using cheap, anonymous writers is the issue of copyright. Without a proper written agreement in place over a project, a writer may try to claim the rights to the work after you’ve published it yourself.

Remember – if you don’t have an agreement about who owns the intellectual property, the writer has the copyright by default, not you. This is why using a writer you can trust is so essential.

Local Writing Talent

You may feel more secure looking for a ghost writer locally, as you feel confident someone you’ve met face-to-face can do a good job. However, by restricting yourself to local writers you severely limit your choices in terms of quality, skill and pricing.

Online Ghostwriting Services

These days, Internet technology makes it possible to outsource ghostwriting jobs to any part of the planet. Communications and payment technology have made online ghostwriting services the most efficient providers of top quality ghostwritten material.

With a quality writing service such as Premium Online Writing, you can rest easy knowing:

  • Your project is in the capable and experienced hands of college-educated writers
  • Work will be delivered within the deadlines you set
  • Work will be of a consistently high quality
  • We understand the differences between personal and business projects
  • We can cover a range of styles, tailoring the writing to suit your individual voice and making it indistinguishable from your own writing
  • You have a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • We have inside knowledge of publishing standards across a range of formats
  • There will be regular communication, keeping you up to date on the status of the project
  • You won’t have to worry about copyright issues, as all rights transfer to you on payment

If you’re going to find a ghostwriter to hire, you need to find one who can do it right. Contact Us now to hire a ghostwriter for your next project.

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How to Find a Ghostwriter   

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How to Find a Ghostwriter

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