What to Expect from a Ghost Writer Service

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What to Expect from a Ghost Writer Service

When you’re looking to hire a ghost writer service, you need to choose carefully for several reasons. The ghostwriting market has grown rapidly in the last few years with the widespread growth of the Internet.

While this means talented writers are more available than ever, it also means the industry has little in the way of regulation – in other words, there are a lot of cowboys out there.

Because the quality of the writing is so important (after all, you’ll be attaching your name to it and thus putting your credibility on the line) you must try to find a ghost writer service with a good track record and high standards. Here are a few of the qualities you can expect from a top notch ghostwriter service.


When you allow someone else to undertake writing work that will eventually bear your name, professionalism has to be a major consideration. Good ghostwriters take this task very seriously and try to consider all the implications of what is being written for the status and reputation of the client.

For instance, if you want to publish a book to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, that may be your first point of contact with hundreds or thousands of future customers.

Your professional ghost writing service needs to be aware of the importance of that first impression and take the time to understand your goals with the book, your voice and your writing style.

Experienced Writers

Ideally, you want professional ghostwriting services which will provide you with a writer or writers who have experience in the type of work you need done. There’s little point hiring someone who has only ever written articles to write an ebook – they are completely different forms which require different skills.

Fast Turnaround Times

Having work delivered by the deadline is a basic expectation that any freelance ghost writing service worth its salt should be able to meet. Especially when it comes to a book manuscript, where there may already be publishing deadlines in place, delivering the work on time is of utmost importance.

Similarly, having an ebook or batch of website content delayed by an inefficient ghost writer can mean more time before a web business starts turning a profit.

Of course, a reasonable line has to be drawn for turnaround times. Freelance ghost writing services who promise to work at lightning speeds will often end up producing poor quality. Good work requires careful attention and planning, which takes time.

Regular and Cooperative Communication

The backbone of the writer-client relationship is communication. First of all, the writer needs to make sure instructions are laid out in detail before work even begins. A sub-par writing service will charge ahead in the wrong direction based on incomplete information from the client.

As work progresses, regular contact is needed to ensure you as the client are satisfied with what is being written. Contact can be through email, instant messenger or Skype, or face-to-face meetings if the writer is local.

The Internet has now made it easy and efficient to collaborate with writers on the other side of the world.

Ghostwriting services who don’t make use of the ease of contact which is now available risk damaging the writer-client relationship and producing a poor quality finished product which will disappoint the client and any potential readers. Always look to hire a ghost writer with a dedication to regular contact.

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What to Expect from a Ghost Writer Service   

Author: Tom McSherry

What to Expect from a Ghost Writer Service

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