Our Premium Ghost Writer Services


Our Premium Ghost Writer Services

This page provides an overview of the ghost writer services we offer here at Premium Online Writing, and our rates.

Our dedication is to quality and customer satisfaction – we aim to become a watermark for high standards amongst the sea of cheap-and-nasty outsourcing companies available around the Internet. These are the range of ghostwriting projects we can help with:

Online Ghost Writing Services

Ebook Ghost Writers

Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular as the Internet continues to boom. Whether you want to make thousands as an info product seller or you just want to circumvent the bureaucracy involved in traditional publishing, we can help you out. Prices for ebooks can range from anywhere between $200 to $5000 (USD), depending on the length of the ebook and the research required.

Article Ghost Writers

Websites that rely on search engine traffic need a constant supply of high quality, expert-level articles. If you’re trying to manage multiple sites, it’s difficult to produce all those articles on your own. We can provide you with top-notch article writing services that will help you build traffic – and your expert reputation. Article writing costs just 5 Us cents per word ($25 for a standard 500 word article).

Web Content Ghost Writers

Some websites are not reliant on search engine traffic, so information articles are less important. Rather, they need succinct, well-branded copy that presents a professional appearance to visitors. If you have a personal service website that doesn’t convert well, we can help give your content a revamp.

Email Marketing or Autoresponder Ghost Writers

Email marketing and autoresponders are instrumental in increasing the conversion rates of online businesses. However, it takes a particular style of direct marketing to make email really work as a sales tool. What’s more, you need a ghostwriter who can match you personal voice – again, we have the solutions for you.

Sales Page Ghost Writers

You may have a product to sell online which is tied to you personally, but you lack the sales skills to really make the copy work. We can provide writing that employs the most cutting-edge online sales techniques, but which still “sounds like you.”

Offline Ghost Writing Services

Book Ghost Writing

Whether it’s your autobiography or a business book to boost your authority in your industry, we can provide you with the time and skills necessary to bring the manuscript through from twinkle in your eye to finished product. Again, pricing for book projects is largely dependent on length and the research time needed to go a quality job.

Brochure Writing

Brochures are still an essential part of marketing, particularly for small businesses with a local focus. We can provide you with marketing brochure copy that stays true to the mission and values of your business and presents you to the world from the best angles.

Business to Business Ghost Writing

Whether it’s copy for a slideshow to demonstrate what you do to prospective clients, or simply in-company email copy, we can provide expert B2B ghost writing solutions that work for you.

Editing Services

On top of these ghost writer services, we can also help you edit and rework material you’ve already produced in order to get it up to scratch for the purposes it will serve. This is ideal if you’re struggling with a particular book chapter or you’re just not sure if they overall structure of the writing is coherent enough.

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If you’d like to learn more about any of these ghost writer services, or you want to hurry up and get started on a ghost writing project, feel free to Contact Us at any time.

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Our Premium Ghost Writer Services   

Author: Tom McSherry

Our Premium Ghost Writer Services

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