How to Hire a Ghost Writer – The Devil in the Details

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How to Hire a Ghost Writer – The Devil in the Details

So you want to hire a ghost writer, but you aren’t sure what’s involved in the process.

First, if you don’t know how to identify a good ghostwriter, read this article on how to find a ghostwriter. This article is going to cover what’s involved in negotiating a working agreement with a ghostwriter, so there won’t be any problems concerning payment, deadlines, or work quality.

Mistakes at the beginning can be costly down the track, so it’s best to get off on the right foot.

Communication and Establishing Expectations

When you hire a ghostwriter or web content specialist, it’s absolutely essential to make your expectations clear before work begins. This includes discussing matters like the style of the work, expected length, subject matter, key points, and any other stipulations the writer needs to know about.

Always make sure you and the writer are in alignment as far as the direction the project will be going in.

Ghostwriters who don’t establish good communications, ask lots of questions and check in frequently with updates are the kinds of writers who often end up making mistakes or wasting time on work that isn’t suitable for your purposes. When you hire a ghostwriter, make sure the writer understands clearly what needs to be done and has the skills to do it.

An experienced ghostwriter will also be able to offer you tips and ideas on how to improve the project. This is one of the major benefits of hiring an intelligent and educated ghostwriter – you can use the writer as a sounding board for ideas and may come out with a finished product that’s superior to what you originally envisioned.

That said, you want to make sure you hire a ghost writer who knows you’re the boss – you have the final word on the project, and the writer should be prepared to meet your standards.

Agreeing on Payment – How Much, How and When

Settling on a fair payment is one of the most important parts of hiring a ghostwriter. Obviously, you and your writer should agree on a rate of pay before work commences.

Getting a per page, per project or per word price quote helps you stay within your budget – the last thing you want is to pay a writer per hour and end up being invoiced for double the working time you were expecting.

Alternatively, you may want to negotiate a royalty sharing agreement wherein the writer will be entitled to a portion of the sales of the book or information product you want written. This is known in the industry as “writing on speculation.”

Protecting Yourself Against Risks

Obviously, there’s an element of risk involved in outsourcing to a ghostwriter – you’re bringing an outsider in to work on an important project. However, that risk is virtually eliminated as long as you work with a quality writing service.

If you hire an unknown ghostwriter, you run the risk of having the writer bail on a project halfway through, finishing late or taking an upfront payment but never completing the work.

Contractual Agreements

For big projects, it’s obviously important to put a written agreement in place to protect yourself. This will cover the basics of the arrangement, such as deadlines and payment details. It also helps ensure the writer doesn’t turn around and sell the work you’ve paid for to another publisher or a competitor.

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