How To Create An Online Home Business That Lasts A Lifetime


Is it your dream to create an online home business website that lasts a life time?

Of course, you want to start an online business that will pay the bills, let you take a vacation when you want, and achieve all the goals you set for yourself in life. You’ve decided that you don’t want to waste your best years tied to a desk, making somebody else (your boss) rich.

You’d love to create a home business web site. You’ve read about people sharing how they started an online business and succeeded in creating the lifestyle that you’d like to have!

But you have no idea where to start to have what they have.

In other words, you want the cashflow and freedom of a business owner, without having to put in 80 hour weeks just to stay alive.

What’s The Best Online Home Business to Start?

When you first look at how to start an online business, it can be tempting to try to copy someone else who’s already successful. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple – you can’t just build an exact replica of an existing business.

But, there is a proven method of building an online business that can be copied by just about anyone. This means you can do this on your own, from home. Consider it as a ‘business template’ that can be applied to various topics to create a website buzzing with traffic.

The Truth About Creating an Online Home Business

I have good news and bad news.

First the bad news…

There’s no such thing as ‘get rich quick.’ Just as you suspected, all those promotions that make you think, “That’s too good to be true”, really are too good to be true. There’s a lot of work involved when you create a home business.

Internet marketing is a trade filled with “snake oil salesmen.” You know – the greasy, hyped-up, faceless marketers with glowing dollar bills in their eyes. The sales letters full of yellow highlighted writing and unbelievable claims. You’ve probably seen them before.

There’s a lot of rubbish and misinformation out there when it comes to building a successful online business.

For someone who wants to create a home business website, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Follow the wrong “guru,” and you could end up throwing away a lot of money, wasting a lot of valuable time, and ending up no closer to your goal.

The fact is that to start an online home business, you need good web writing. You need good content. That means either developing skills or hiring someone with those skills.

Why Great Content is So Important – A Proven Business Model

You may be wondering, “Why a content site? And why do I need 30 pages? I’ve seen one-page sites that look fine.”

Well, what those one-page site owners don’t want you to know is this. They’re paying through the nose for every visitor they get, because their visitors all come from advertising.

With a high quality content site, you’ll get visitors for FREE from the search engines.

And not just any kind of visitors – these are qualified, targeted visitors searching for information related to YOUR products and services.

Great content gets found by Google search engines… visitors click through and are amazed by the quality of the information. These are people who naturally want to do business with the website who gave them exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it.

Content marketing is the key to building relationships with customers online. That’s the key to making big profits in the long term.

Writing is fundamental to the success of any online business venture. So here are some tips on various aspects of starting a web business specifically as they relate to writing.

The writing on your site is what pulls in visitors from search engines, gets them to stick around, and ultimately gets them to buy from you.

Starting a web business is not easy. There’s a steep learning curve, and you’ll have to invest time and money before you see results.

You can shorten up the learning curve by hiring freelancers to start an online business for you. However, most will just create a website, not a online web business. They don’t lay the foundation for a successful business by creating a site that will generate visitors and convert those visitors to customers.

Now here’s the good news..

You can get a professional team to do that work for you.

Below are the points to look for when hiring your professional team. Your team:

  • has been through the entire process before and know what works and what to avoid
  • will help you avoid wasting a year of your life and thousands of dollars on techniques that don’t work
  • can help you choose a niche which is both hugely profitable and suits your passions, so working on your business is fun
  • can help you create an effective web presence for an existing offline business
  • will ensure your website will be as search engine friendly as possible – not just now but in the future – so you’ll get plenty of free, qualified, long term visitors
  • will make sure your content both draws in visitors from search engine, and keeps them around once they’re on your site
  • can give you a REAL shortcut to creating a profitable online niche business – not ‘get rich quick’ nonsense

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