How To Increase Website Traffic – 6 Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners



How To Increase Website Traffic – 6 Internet Marketing Tipsfor Beginners

Learning how to increase website traffic is a daunting prospect for the absolute beginner. There is so much information out there, and so many competing “gurus” trying to convince you that their “secret system” is the key to instant riches on the Net.

Tip #1 – Don’t Overdo It With Keywords

The first tendency of people new to building a web site is to go overboard on keywords. This is a big newbie mistake that will leave your site languishing somewhere on page 100 of Google’s search results.

Google does not want to deliver spammy pages stuffed with keywords to its users. It wants to deliver high-quality content sites that focus on a few closely related keywords. Focusing on a few keywords for each page will help you increase targeted web site traffic quickly.

Tip #2 – Use The Right Keywords

It’s absolutely essential to your success as an online businessperson that you learn to understand keywords. Make it your job to learn the numbers related to them and what constitutes a “good” keyword. The first method you should employ as a beginner for finding keyword gems is using the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool will be instrumental as you learn how to increase website traffic.

The tool gives you indications of how many people search for a given term worldwide per month. Not only that, it will suggest other related keywords. Of course, the numbers involved are all subjective. It’s like a how long is a piece of string” question. Well that depends on how many searchers you need and that in turn depends on the topic of your website, the strength and quantity of competition, and what you are selling.

Tip #3 – Think Big

In order to get a lot of traffic to your site, you will need a lot of content. What this entails is that you provide your potential customer good quality information and that means a lot of writing. The days of one or two page sales sites are coming to an end. Google makes it more expensive to buy traffic for these sites through advertising. So in order to create a long-term business online, you need to be committed to creating a big site and adding new content to it on a regular basis.

Tip #4 – Plan Carefully

This is closely related to the second point. If you are setting out to create a big site – which you need to do in order to succeed – you need to have a clear plan laid out before you start.

If you try to “make it up as you go,” you’re likely to end up with an unorganized mess. Believe it or not, the structure of your site including the internal linking of pages has an effect on your rankings and traffic. So plan in detail and do your keyword research before you begin.

Tip #5 – Commit to Quality

Don’t get sucked into the trap of using low-quality, cheap content to generate quick traffic. When you start learning how to increase website traffic, keep quality content as a priority above all else. There is a saying in online marketing: “Content is king.” A lot of the cheap content that you can buy online is copied straight from other sites. Don’t fall for the easy (lazy) option as it will incur a penalty at the search engines for “duplicate content.”

The same applies to free content from sites like Ezine Articles. These require you to link out from your site, meaning you lose visitors. Even if it isn’t duplicated, cheap content is usually poor when it comes to the crucial aspect of converting visitors into customers.

Tip #6 – Focus On Your Niche

If you try to appeal to everybody, you’ll end up appealing to no one by being too general. Build your site around a tight niche topic and stick to it. Most new entrepreneurs get this wrong online. Generally speaking, most of your first ideas will be way too broad. Narrow down a niche and use keywords that fit inside your main theme.

By building a planned site around one niche, the search engines will eventually begin to “understand” what your site is about. This will help your overall search engine rankings – a central element of how to increase website traffic.

It also helps guarantee you bring in qualified web site traffic. The magic phrase is qualified website traffic; this refers to visitors who are interested in your niche, and thus your products or services and willing to pay for them.

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