How To Use 3 Simple Elements To Write SEO-Friendly Copy

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So you want to be a top copywriter with more paying clients than you thought possible. If you are looking to replace your current job or become a freelance copywriter then there are three main types of SEO-friendly writing that you will need to know about. If you are new to this topic, click here to get a good grasp of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and why it is key to your success.


SEO writing has been around since the beginning of the internet, but SEO writing as a serious industry started to grow in popularity during the late 1990s. Check out this summary on how SEO has evolved.

Nowadays, if you want to read other SEO articles written by professionals all you need is a search engine along with other research methods such as reading what your favorite websites have said about good digital marketing practices. The internet has grown exponentially over the last 15 years so there are more options now than ever before when it comes to reading up on successful SEO writing techniques that rank high on Google…but I digress…so, let’s get back on topic!

The 3 Elements

There are three main SEO components to any SEO-friendly content: SEO title, SEO summary, and SEO body copy. All three of these elements work together as a cohesive unit that flows as smoothly as possible.

SEO title

This is meant to catch attention with its catchy wording and bold words, but it should also match the tone set by the rest of the SEO-friendly writing which will be discussed below.

SEO Summary

Your SEO summary needs to entice readers and make them want more information about what you have written so they will read even further into your page.

SEO Body Copy

The SEO body copy is where most webmasters struggle because they don’t know if the keywords they are trying to rank are the right ones. SEO content writing is all about finding that perfect balance between SEO keywords, SEO tone, SEO length, SEO words, SEO sentences, and SEO punctuation.

There is no “best” kind of SEO-friendly writing, but the two most common SEO strategies are for SEO content and SEO product descriptions. You can have excellent SEO skills in all three areas, but it usually takes years of practice before someone becomes adept at using these techniques.

Where to start

The best way to start is to learn the basic structure of how an SEO-friendly article should look according to Google’s standards. This includes knowing how long each element should be, what words to use, and where the keywords should be placed. Keywords are important because they tell Google if the website is offering quality information. The more keywords in the SEO article, the better chance your website has of getting to rank high on Google.

The best way to find out how to write SEO-friendly articles is to read up on previous articles that have done well for themselves ranking high on Google. Most of the tips are common sense once you know them but they are not so easily put into practice. But fear not, as I’ve included 3 tips below.

SEO Copywriting Tip 1: Write for People, Not Robots

One of the cardinal sins of SEO copywriting is to write solely for the benefit of search engine crawlers and not humans. While it’s important to include keywords and key phrases in your content, stuffing your articles with so many that they lose readability will do more harm than good.

SEO Copywriting Tip 2: Make it Readable

Remember that your readers are humans, not robots, so write for them in a way that is easy to understand. This means using short, concise sentences and paragraphs; avoiding slang, jargon and technical terms unless necessary.

SEO Copywriting Tip 3: Think SEO Copywriting as SEO Writing

SEO copywriting is not a separate skill. SEO works best when it becomes part and parcel of your whole writing process, from coming up with ideas to editing and formatting your article. You should always be thinking about SEO when you write.

Ask yourself:

  • What keywords would I like to rank for?
  • What kind of tone and style will be most appealing to my readers?
  • How can I make my article more readable?
  • Can I break up my text into shorter paragraphs?
  • Are there any images or videos that would complement my content?
  • By thinking SEO copywriting from the outset, you’ll produce better quality


One thing you should not do is to go online and grab random quotes from books or speeches because this will oftentimes get your website banned by Google. Good SEO writer reviews will mention SEO writing techniques that got certain websites ranking high on Google because no one else was trying those same things at the time of writing.

What are the best keyword research methods?

Some of the best methods for conducting keyword research include using Google AdWords, using the Google Keyword Planner, and using SEO tools such as Moz and SEMrush. However, it’s important to remember that the best method for finding the right keywords depends on the business and the goals of the client.


SEO writing is a skill that can help your website rank higher on Google. SEO content and SEO product descriptions are two of the most common SEO strategies out there. The best way to start learning SEO writing techniques is by reading up on successful articles that have done well for themselves ranking high on Google in the past. This article has provided introductory information about how to write SEO-friendly copy. Best of luck on your journey to becoming an ace at this SEO game!

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