How Great Copywriters Can Increase Your Sales


How Great Copywriters Can Increase Your Sales

Find yourself stuck on a project and thinking, “I need a copywriter”? If you’re thinking it, you’re probably right.

Do I Need a Copywriter?

Chances are, you need to hire a professional copywriter if any of the following circumstances describe you:

  • You have an Internet sales page that doesn’t convert visitors to customers, or has a low conversion rate
  • You’re not getting as many sign-ups to an opt-in email subscriber list as you’d like
  • You need to create buzz for an upcoming product launch
  • You have a product to sell online, but you have no idea about selling on the Internet
  • You simply don’t have time to do the work yourself or delegate to an employee
  • You need effective ads which build your brand and engage potential and existing customers

All of these situations call for the services of a skilled web content specialist. Let’s see how a professional web content developer can benefit you in a variety of different campaigns and projects.

Direct Response Copywriters

Direct sales is an extremely popular form of online marketing, but it’s very difficult to pull off. Many would-be entrepreneurs try and fail to start a direct response sales website, mainly due to a lack of the necessary copywriting skills.

If you own or want to start a direct sales site, you’ll need to buy traffic through advertising. So the conversion rate of your sales copy will directly affect your return on investment in terms of advertising.

A skilled direct response copywriter can create a high-conversion sales page to help ensure your site makes a lot more revenue from sales than what you’re spending on advertising.

Another example of a direct marketing project is an email marketing campaign. By creating an opt-in email list, you can market your products or services directly to interested, qualified prospects.

Again, a top-level web content specialist can create both the copy needed to maximize opt-ins to your list, and the sales copy needed to convert those interested leads into paying customers.

Brand Building Projects

Direct selling is the ‘hard sell’ approach – brand building is the ‘soft sell.’ In Internet marketing, this is also known as Pre-Selling – the art of warming up readers to make them more likely to buy from you, without trying to push a purchase straight away.

Good branding and Pre-selling in the right combination with direct sales copywriting can be devastatingly effective for an online business. A good copywriter can help you build goodwill towards your brand so that when it comes time to sell, you have a much better chance of converting your visitors.

Product Launches with a Web Content Specialist

Getting your copy right during the build-up to the launch of a new product can make a huge difference to initial sales and word-of-mouth buzz. With a skilled copywriter on your side in the weeks leading up to the product launch, you’ll have potential customers itching for your product sales page to finally go live. An excellent copywriter can create an emotional need for a product in your visitors before it’s even released.

Freelance Copywriting Services Are The Solution

Most businesses can’t afford to keep a full-time writer – it’s not practical when most of your copywriting projects are not ongoing gigs.

Likewise, if you’re a solo operator, you just want to borrow the skills of an experienced copywriter for a limited time or a single project.

The best solution is to use a web content developer to deal which projects when they need to be done.

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