How To Increase Online Website Traffic-5 Essentials

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How To Increase Online Website Traffic-5 Essentials

A lot of search engine optimization companies would like you to believe that it’s hard to easily increase online web site traffic. The narrative is that there’s some sort of trade secret that must be learned in order to start bringing massive amounts of visitors to your site. This is simply not the case at all.

Increasing traffic to your site is simple when you put together the right elements. The following 5 elements are amongst the most important steps to content that generates traffic.

What we’re dealing with here are the “on page” factors for getting good rankings to bring in lots of traffic from the search engines. Please note that there are also dozens of off-page elements which are just as important, but they aren’t the subject of this article.

1. Using the right number of keywords.

This is where many new business owners who attempt to optimize their web sites make a mistake. They think that the more times they add a keyword to their copy, the higher they will come up in the search engine results. This is a huge blunder.

If you use a keyword too much on a page, the search engine will count you as a “spammer”. As a consequence, it will actually have a negative effect on your rankings and your traffic. Each page should only target a small number of highly specific keywords, and they should comprise only a small percentage of the total copy on the web page.

2. Putting keywords in the right places.

As well as how many times you repeat a keyword and how many you use on each page, you need to put them in the right places within the HTML document that makes up a web page. It’s widely believed that the keyword meta tag on a web page, for instance, is no longer very important at the search engines. While it’s not as important on its own, it’s still important in terms of the relevance of the keyword tag to the rest of the body copy.

Your most important keyword for each page should also be included in the title meta tag, the description tag, the page filename, and in headlines where possible. Keyword use should never make a page hard to read. You should not accept content that sacrifices readability for optimization.

3. Using high demand keywords.

There is little point in rising to the top of the search engine rankings for a keyword that no one is searching for. Ranking highly for an obscure keyword will not help to increase traffic to a web site.

Part of generating large amounts of traffic is about finding and targeting keywords that have high search volumes. This can be done using keyword information tools such as the Google Keyword Tool or the Wordtracker tool.

These are highly effective tool for discovering under-utilized keyword opportunities relevant to your business.

4. Using keywords with low competition.

This is the flipside of using high demand words. Just as there’s no point targeting a word no one is searching for, there’s little point attempting to rank highly for extremely general words with lots of strong competition.

To successfully increase online web site traffic you must determine the strength and amount of competition for the keywords you’re targeting and focus on the ones you can win quickly.

5. Encouraging repeat traffic and click throughs with high quality content.

Quality content is a tool to increase website traffic free by generating new visitors from the search engines. In addition your web site content also needs to convince as many visitors as possible to come back to your site again and again.

These repeat visitors will eventually become some of your best customers. In order to do this, you cannot simply deliver well-optimized content with no real value – you must deliver the information your visitors really want.

You want content that will increase online web site traffic, and that content must keep your visitors around for longer – and that’s good for your bottom line.

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