5 Easy SEO Rank Building Ways To Increase Website Traffic

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5 Easy SEO Rank Building Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Many budding online entrepreneurs struggle to increase traffic to a website when they first start out. Let’s take a look at some of the common techniques used to increase web site traffic.

1. PPC

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is one of the most common methods web site owners use to increase traffic to their web sites. This can be a very effective method of driving highly targeted traffic to your site and it certainly has its place within most Internet marketing campaigns.

Beware if you are dedicating the majority of your marketing budget to only PPC. You are severely limiting your returns. With PPC, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad – whether they buy something or not.

2. Forum Marketing

A lesser used method of web site traffic generation is posting to forums relevant to your web site. Post quality and relevant content that links back to your site in your posts or in your signature.

While it can be a useful web site traffic generator, forum posting is time consuming and usually only produces a small amount of traffic for the input it requires. Like PPC, there are better returns to be had with other methods of bringing in traffic.

3. Social Media

Social media (sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.) is becoming an increasingly important part of online marketing. Unfortunately, because social media is still relatively new on the online marketing scene, there isn’t a lot of consensus about the best way to use these sites to generate worthwhile, targeted traffic to your web site.

Remember that with these sites is that the visitors are there to socialize. However, recent trends show behaviors similar to search engine users, who are searching for immediate answers to a specific problem.

When you seek to increase traffic to a website, you have to look at both the quantity of traffic and the quality of traffic in terms of how easily those visitors will become paying customers.

4. Viral Marketing

Still wondering, ‘How do I increase traffic to my website?’ Viral marketing may be the answer.

Viral marketing is carried out via emails or videos (usually humorous) which “catch on”. They are shared around amongst friends, like a virus. Viral marketing can be incredibly effective in bringing traffic to a web site, if it’s done right. The problem here is that predicting what will “go viral” is incredibly hard to do – it’s a hit and miss form of marketing.

5. SEO Rank: Search Engine Optimization

No matter how well you combine all these other elements of generating web site traffic, the search engines are still your bread and butter. Increasing your SEO rank will produce the most noticeable traffic results.

Many site owners have slaved away and experimented in attempts to “beat” or “cheat” the search engine algorithms in order to exploit the massive amounts of traffic available from the engines – and met with despair. Why is it so difficult to trick Google and get a good SEO rank for your main keywords easily?

Because it’s the goal of the search engines to deliver high quality search results. Google must keep the quality high to stop Internet users from going over to Yahoo or Bing or Ask, or using a different method to find information altogether. If Google lose the searchers, they lose their advertisers – and their revenue.

So the search engines only want the best quality information coming up at the top. They don’t want spammy articles or pages covered in ads. So if you want your site to get a good SEO rank for the keywords you’re targeting, then that’s exactly what you need: high quality information.

Build your website with plenty of high quality information, build around targeted keywords that will bring in qualified traffic. It is the absolute number one way to increase traffic to a website in terms of the returns on time or money invested in the process.

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