How To Use Internet Article Writing To Increase Profits

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How To Use Internet Article Writing To Increase Profits

Internet article writing is a special type of art. The way people read and write on the Internet is different from the way written material is used offline. While some elements are more important, others fade into insignificance in the online space.

This article will outline some of the key points that make content marketing and writing articles for the Internet a much less time-consuming task, increasing your output and productivity.

The Reverse Pyramid Style

In school, most of us are taught to keep the best part of the article for the end – a sort of “punchline.” This doesn’t work so well with Internet article writing. When people are surfing the Internet, they don’t act the same way as they do when they read a book.

When you pick up a book to read, you are likely to at least read the first few pages to see if it’s any good. When you’re surfing for information, if the web page you land on doesn’t immediately indicate it has what you need, the immediate tendency is to click away and look at the other websites out there. Understanding this is essential if you want your content marketing to be effective.

This is why it’s important that you put your big points, your really good material, at the beginning of your article. The structure of the article should thus be an “inverted” or “reverse” pyramid – the bulk at the top and extra details towards the bottom, plus, of course, your call to action. This helps to hook those visitors straight away before they click away to one of your competitors.

Making The Most of Headlines

As you’ll notice from a quick glance at this page, this article is broken up by headlines. Headlines perform several important functions:

  • They help break up the page, reducing strain on the eyes
  • They capture attention and encourage the reader to keep reading
  • They give a general idea of the information that will follow so that readers can easily scan for information

Don’t be afraid to use headlines for Internet article writing – they’re an important part of the battle against short attention spans when it comes to writing articles for the web.

Use Bullet Points

Again, you can see the effectiveness of this in the article you’re reading right now. Bullet points, like headlines, make it easier to scan a page for essential information. When it’s possible, avoid writing out a list of points and instead break the ideas up into bullets – it will contribute to the flow of the article and allow readers to draw more value out of the information faster. They may not be appropriate for every article, but look to use them where you can.

Be Concise

Don’t use a hundred words to make a point if you can make it with ten words. Avoid rambling on – just make your point and move on. Always re-read and edit to make sure the article flows well and remove any unnecessary words.

Give Your Best Information Away

I recommend that anyone writing for their web business should give away their best tips on their website for free. This idea scares many businesspeople. They wonder: If I’m giving all my good stuff away, what am I going to sell? It’s a legitimate concern.

However, when you start giving away your best information for free, an couple of interesting things happen.

  • Your readers will warm up to you a lot faster because of the obvious high quality of your content, and
  • You will naturally force yourself to innovate and become more creative to come up with even better material for your products, especially if you are an information marketer

So don’t hold anything back – give your best stuff away and you will reap the rewards in time.

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