SEO Tutorial For First Time (New) Internet Marketers


SEO Tutorial For First Time (New) Internet Marketers

This Internet marketing article report is intended to address some of the myths and controversies around using article marketing to generate search engine traffic.

Article marketing is not taken seriously be many amateur marketers who don’t know how to use it effectively. On the flipside, it’s blown out of proportion by many self-proclaimed “gurus” who have an agenda and products to sell. This search engine marketing tutorial will help clear the air.

This industry is rife with scams, so you need to educate yourself on what you can really expect from article marketing.

Read through this Internet marketing article report to learn article marketing really can and can’t do.

Internet Marketing Article Report Part 1: True Benefits of Article Marketing

Here are some of the genuine benefits article marketing can give for your web business.

Articles on a site like EzineArticles can achieve top rankings faster than a young website. This is because it takes time for Google to recognize a new website, index its pages and give it high rankings. It also requires time and effort to build good content and links. You can either do yourself or outsource this task to professionals.

Let’s say you write an article called ‘How to Change a Tire’ and you’re deciding whether to post it to your week-old website, or EzineArticles. If you post it to EzineArticles, you’re much more likely to get high rankings and lots of traffic, faster. Why?

  • EzineArticles is an established site with a high Google PageRank, so the search engines ‘take it seriously’ already
  • EzineArticles is already a high traffic site

So, naturally, you should post that article to EzineArticles, right? Well, not necessarily. While you’ll see quicker short term results by posting ‘How to Change a Tire’ to EzineArticles, there are big long term benefits to posting it to your site.

While it might wallow in obscurity at first, once you build lots of content and links to your own website, Google will start to ‘take it seriously’. You will be rewarded when your own website pages start climbing up Google’s rankings and get to Page 1.

Ideally your approach should combine website content-building AND a solid article marketing plan for the best results across short-term and long-term time frames.

Article marketing sites are one of the best ways to get strong, one-way links to your site.

We just touched on the importance of links in to your site for high rankings. It’s not just the quantity of links but also the quality of links. Sites like EzineArticles provide excellent links – they have a high PageRank and are edited by real, breathing humans. In return Google gives them extra weight as being sources of quality information.

Article marketing is a trade-off – you give the article marketing site some free content, and in exchange you get to link back to your website. See this as a win-win situation. You get to choose any page on your site to link to, and more importantly you can choose the words to use in your links. By using specific keywords in your links, you help your website rank higher for those keywords at the search engines.

Internet Marketing Article Report Part 2: Myths About Article Marketing

The following are two major myths which you should ignore:

Myth 1:

With a handful of articles and some article spinning software, you can make thousands of dollars a week. This is the typical get-rich-quick scheme that many unfortunate newcomers to Internet marketing get burned by. An article spinner is a type of software which replaces words in an article with synonyms, resulting in a unique, ‘alternative’ article.

The reason is that Google doesn’t like to see the same article in too many places on the web – this is known as duplicate content, and is penalized by the search engines. So the idea is to write one article an ‘spin’ it into ten or twenty other versions.

This can work – when done by a human. When done using software it generally results in unreadable garbage.

While there are shortcuts in Internet marketing that people pick up with experience, anyone who makes their living from websites knows that there is real work involved.

It’s naive to think you can write five articles, scramble them with an article spinner to make them unique, and watch the money flow in. It simply doesn’t work like that – anyone who tells you it does should be treated with suspicion.

Myth 2:

You can make a long term living from article marketing without having your own website. Making a living online is largely about having multiple streams of income. Article marketing can provide one of those streams, but shouldn’t be your main or only one. Changes to article marketing sites are largely out of your control.

Your website is like your online headquarters. Most people who make their living from websites don’t just own one; they own three or four, or an entire portfolio. Think like a successful property investor, he/she owns many houses or apartments in different areas not just one.

You may make some money for a while with article marketing, but without a website to point your efforts towards your results will be sporadic and inconsistent.

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