Internet Ready Copywriting Checklist

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Internet Ready Copywriting Checklist

Most freelance writers don’t know how to create Internet ready copywriting. That means copy which you can plug straight into your website or blog with full confidence that it’s completely optimized for the best possible rankings at the search engines for your target keywords.

Many copywriters are very good at what they do, creating copy that inspires emotion in readers and leads them to take action. But often, copy writing for the web should be serving another function as well – namely, generating search engine traffic.

Use this little checklist to determine if the work being handed to you by your copywriter is fit for the web.

Internet Ready Copywriting Checklist

  • Is the writing based around one main keyword or keyword phrase? – Good copy which is also optimized for performance at the search engines should be carefully crafted around a single main keyword or keyword phrase. This is the keyword phrase the page will rank well for, so it should be as relevant as possible to the product, service or company the copy promotes.
  • Is the keyword in the Keyword Tag for the page? – While the Keyword Tag itself is no longer as important as it used to be for your search engine rankings, it is still important in some respects. There must be consistency and relevance between your Keyword Tag and the rest of your copy to get the best results. (If you don’t know what an HTML Tag is, don’t worry – your website programmer does, so just ask).
  • Does that keyword appear in the Title Tag in for the web page? – Google have said explicitly that the Title Tag is still an important factor for search engine rankings. Leaving the main keyword out of this part of the web page copy is detrimental. Also, this is the first part of your copy a user will see in the search results, so it needs to be compelling and grab attention.
  • How many times is that exact keyword repeated throughout the copy? – How many times your keyword should appear on the page is a matter of balance. Too little, and the search engines won’t know what the page is about – too much and they will think the page is spam. A good search engine copywriter knows the right keyword density to use for the best results – usually it’s no more than 3% of the total copy.
  • Does the keyword appear in a Headline Tag, preferably at the top of the page? – While not as important as the Title Tag, headlines do help point out to the search engines which words in your copy are most relevant and important.
  • Does the keyword appear in the Description Tag? – Again, this helps the search engines determine the topic of a web page.
  • Does the keyword appear in a text link on the page? – Including your keyword phrase in the text of one or two links on the page is good practice. Again, if the keyword appears in too many links – more than two – this can look like spam to the search engines.

If you’re paying for copywriting for the web that doesn’t meet these criteria, your search engine traffic will be much lower than what you could possibly generate.

Just by fixing up these issues and making sure all future copywriting adheres to these basics, you should start to see an increase in traffic – and business – in a short period of time.

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Internet Ready Copywriting Checklist   

Author: Tom McSherry

Internet Ready Copywriting Checklist

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