How To Make Money Online with Article Marketing

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How To Make Money Online with Article Marketing

Making money with article marketing is one of the most hyped up forms of Internet marketing. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the methods commonly employed for making money through article marketing. We will include the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Affiliate Article Marketing

This is one of the simplest methods of making money with article marketing. So it is surprising that many people fail to pull this off. Affiliate marketing using articles is a method of online marketing that many newcomers see as the easy path to wealth.

Unfortunately, while you may scratch out a few dollars as an article marketer, it’s hard to make any real money using this method unless you know what you’re doing.

The majority of people who take an interest in Internet marketing will get into this style of affiliate marketing. But they dabble for a month or two, and make exactly zero dollars and zero cents.

Choosing an Article Marketing Niche

The process is simple. You first select a product you want to sell let’s say from the Clickbank Marketplace, or Commission Junction. The next step is to write related articles.

You then post your articles on article marketing websites that includes your affiliate link through to the sales page or online store for your product(s). When someone buys through your link, you earn a commission. You don’t even need to have your own website.

The downside is that this can be very hit-and-miss. In comparison, when you have a content website, you know that as long as you stick to a plan and target solid keywords, you will see results in the long term.

That said, many article marketers have made vast sums of money online without ever putting up a site, and many of them have used this method.

Making It Work

The key is to have well-optimized, high value, informative articles that warms your reader to making a purchase. This is why you will see many “review” style articles by affiliates. Here review style articles take the standpoint of an objective observer who recommends top products.

It’s best to represent products that are actually beneficial and worth the money. For one thing these are the easiest to pre-sell and will lead to lower refund rates.

Getting this method right will require a lot of research in terms of choosing an article marketing niche, products, and keyword choice.

Marketing Your Own Existing Product

Another method of making money with article marketing is to use articles to supplement traffic to an existing website selling your own product(s). For example, you may have a website that is already generating traffic, either from free search engine listings or Pay Per Click advertising.

If you want a traffic boost, a batch of highly optimized articles with links back to your sites on some of the top article marketing sites can help boost your traffic and overall sites.

This is a particularly useful strategy for younger sites that haven’t been “noticed” by Google yet. You use the reputation of the article marketing sites such as to leverage your own information and sales messages into higher ranking positions at the search engines.

Obviously, with this method you have to go through the process of setting up a website. This can be time-consuming, but is completely necessary if you want to be serious about making a substantial amount of money online.

Specifically there are different ways to sell an existing product through article marketing. One is to write a very persuasive sales-style article, which then links directly to your sales page. If your website is a one-page sales site, this will apply to you.

Article Marketing and Content Websites

If you have a content website, you can use a softer-sell or pre-selling style of writing for your marketing articles. These articles are linked through to more information on your website, or an email subscription sign-up page.

This gets the potential reader to invest in what you have to say, builds trust and rapport, and increases the likelihood that this reader will convert into a customer. This is the method used by many marketers who make their living from websites.

Combining the power of article marketing sites with an established content website is the key to making big money online. If you add to that list-building and email marketing, living on the profits from your marketing ventures will become an afterthought.

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