How To Increase Online Sales With A Great Content Writer


How To Increase Online Sales With A Great Content Writer

It goes without saying that having a marketing content writer is a great asset to any business website. Unfortunately, some site owners penny pinch and make the mistake of using freelance (“cheap”) writers who don’t have the business and content marketing expertise.

Even if your website content is purely informative, please understand that it  serves a vital role in your marketing strategy. In fact, informative content makes up a huge part of online marketing these days.

Your writer must understand what each element of your content is intended to achieve, from a marketing perspective.

Your Identity: About Pages and Mission Statements

Many offline businesses simply use their website as an online brochure to advertise their offline campaigns. This approach requires extremely delicate attention to detail, as these sites tend to be small and concise.

Your marketing writer must be capable of developing a distinct identity for your business. They must be able to drill down to the important pages of your site, such as the “About Us” page. The way you present your company values and mission statement is also important. Don’t skip or ignore the “About Us” page because people ultimately buy from people they like and trust. So, make yourself likeable and trustworthy by telling your potential customer about who you are. And be honest!

Your Expert or Industry Leader Status

Keep in mind that you’re providing useful information on your website. This means it needs to serve several functions. The obvious one is generating traffic from the search engines, but equally important is establishing your personal authority as an expert, or your business position as a market leader.

On the Internet, the trust and credibility built by your website content is crucial to making sales. People want confirmation that your information is authoritative. Now to be authoritative means that it has high quality informative content you provide. What would improve your authority level is having the credentials and testimonials to back it up.

Creating Word of Mouth

Average businesses don’t generate word of mouth and referrals. Great businesses do. Whether your customers and prospects classify you as ‘average’ or ‘great’ is tied up largely to the way you present yourself in your marketing. What is more important is how well your service or products meet the standards set by that marketing.

Great content marketing combined with great people and great business processes is the formula for creating a lot of word of mouth buzz around your business.

The Future of Marketing Engagement

The massive popularity of social media websites like Facebook is a “101” lesson for businesses. Social media is teaching businesses that the way customers engage with products and services has changed. The fact is that it will only continue to change and smart businesses owners are already adapting to this change.

The entire business world is reaching a point where if your website isn’t operating effectively, you’re missing out on engaging a huge portion of your market – perhaps even the majority, depending on your industry.

People are sick and tired of being blasted with TV ads screaming “love my brand” or “buy me”. By contrast, the same company or product discovered through a Google search can take on a whole new appeal.

The Internet has created possibilities for deeper interactivity and engagement in marketing – and user trends are indicating that’s exactly what people want. In other words, the game has changed.

The expert marketing content writer gently takes people all the way along the sales funnel. So it is from reader to lead to first-time buyer to life-long customer who can’t stop recommending you to friends. This involves a process of pre-selling, trust-building and establishment of you and your business as a reputable authority.

These are the goals a good content marketing writer can achieve for you.

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