6 Copywriting Secrets To Increasing Your Online Profits

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6 Copywriting secrets To Increasing Your Online Profits

Your marketing copywriter should be an asset to your business. These days, a capable copywriter needs to know how the web works and how to sell to prospects online.

Web copywriters need to be able to create content that will warm up visitors, generate leads, and make sales. The same goes for your email copy. If you’re not getting the results you want in these areas, it’s because your copy is lacking panache.

Here are 6 productive changes a good marketing content writer can offer your business:

Number 1: Raise Site Conversion Rates

This is the most fundamental role of a copywriter for websites. If your site is not converting well, you’re missing out on business – end of story. There are quite a few factors that determine the conversion effectiveness of a web page, including:

  • Using a tone of voice that the reader can relate to
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the reader’s needs and wants
  • Creating an emotional response in the reader
  • Giving the reader a compelling reason to buy immediately

These are just a handful of characteristics a good marketing copywriter can bring to your site.

Number 2: Build Your Online Brand Presence

Making your brand known online can have several positive effects, such as:

  • Increasing word of mouth on forums relating to your products and services
  • Increasing buzz about your business on social media sites like Twitter
  • Visitors to your site who have a positive impression of your brand already are already ‘warmed up’ and more likely to buy

In order to do this, your copy needs to be unique and memorable enough to create an impression on your site visitors. It also needs to make it clear what your business stands for through your About page and Home page, as well as any informational articles.

At the same time, good business marketing services balance these requirements with good keyword usage to generate targeted search engine traffic.

Number 3: Increase Customer Loyalty

Some online businesses are great at clinching the sale or generating leads, but they fail on the follow up. That means they’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

By having great follow up copy for leads and current customers, you increase the lifetime value of your average client.

One effective way to do this is with an autoresponder email series. But in order for these to be worthwhile, the copy they contain needs to be tight and compelling.

High quality business marketing services can help you put together email campaigns that generate response and build loyalty.

Number 4: Increase Mailing List Subscriptions

There’s an online marketing adage that says, “The money is in the list.” But if your list doesn’t grow, you can’t monetize it.

Some online business owners look at the conversion rates of their site in terms of sales alone, without taking into consideration the long-term effect building a mailing list can have on their earnings.

You should pay just as much attention to the copy that pulls in subscribers to your mailing list as you do to your sales copy itself. These two aspects of your site work in harmony to increase your overall profitability.

Number 5: Boost Email Marketing Response

It’s frustrating to go through the process of building or buying an email list, only to find your prospects don’t respond to your marketing efforts.

Good email copywriters are hard to come by. Email is still a relatively new medium for direct marketing, and there aren’t many professionals who have mastered the art yet.

Marketing emails that convert should:

  • Have a compelling, reader-focused headline to ensure a good open rate
  • Be fairly short and to-the-point, focusing on benefits to the reader
  • Include a special offer or time restraint to encourage immediate response

Number 6: Improving Your Advertising Copy

How well your ads convert has a big influence on how much you have to spend to acquire a new customer.

A good advertising copywriter can craft persuasive Google ads that increase click throughs and reduce your average cost per click, or create convincing banner ads copy so you can take advantage of low-cost advertising spaces on targeted websites.

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