Online Article Writing Secrets – The Art of Pre Selling


Online Article Writing Secrets – The Art of Pre Selling

Most entrepreneurs don’t really understand online article writing. That’s why the vast majority of entrepreneurs who try to start a profitable website fail so fast it makes their head spin.

The most fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to writing for the web revolves around the concept of PRE selling. If you don’t know what it is and how to do it, starting a business online will be a very tough uphill battle. This is a skill that all SEO article writing pros have to master.

So… What Is It?

PRE selling is a term coined by Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell, Inc., who has shown many thousands of online entrepreneurs the path to success on the web. PRE selling is one of Ken’s most important theories with regards to how web content should be written to ensure positive visitor responses. It’s an instrumental part of writing articles for money.

As the name suggests, it’s something that happens before selling. It’s a necessary step in the psychology of a website visitor before they will buy something from you.

How It Works

PRE selling is primarily the process of building trust in your visitors. Think about it – the Internet is very anonymous. People don’t want to click in to a random website off a search engine and immediately be bombarded with a sales pitch. No matter how good your sales copywriting skills may be, the web simply doesn’t work like that.

In order to get people to buy something from your website, you must first offer them a lot of free value. Just this step alone will encourage them to trust you, and put them into a psychological state where buying is completely natural. This is the art of PRE selling, an art that SEO article writing pros know well.

So how should you write articles in order to PRE sell? Here are a few of the essential elements of good PRE selling copy:

  • The information should be high value
  • It should be free – either as website content or a free giveaway
  • It should show you have expertise about your topic
  • It should be written in a friendly tone, just as you might chat to a friend
  • It should be simple to understand

You can see how all these elements come together to create trust in your visitor. They can see that you have inside knowledge about what you are talking about. This sets you apart as a true expert.

They also grow to like you and get to know you as a person from your likeable writing style. People are less likely to buy from someone who writes like a dry, boring academic. That kind of writing will quickly sink an online business; almost as fast as the Titanic going under!

Take these points into account and apply them to your online writing efforts for the future. Understand that in order to maximize sales from your website, you first must build a relationship with your visitors. All before you gently lead them towards your products or services.

Using PRE selling techniques for you website articles and free giveaways will help to greatly increase the conversion rate of your site overall.

Letting the SEO Article Writing Pros Take Over

After reading through this advice, you should feel confident enough to apply the concept of PRE selling to your online article writing efforts. However, if you’d prefer to take a shortcut, let an experienced web writer do the hard work to write or re-write for maximum PRE selling power.

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