How to Outsource SEO Services


How to Outsource SEO Services

When you decide to outsource SEO services, you’re looking for the best return on investment possible. But that doesn’t simply mean going for the cheapest provider.

Because outsourcing has become such a common practice, it’s important to lay down some guiding principles for how to approach it – and what to avoid.

What Can Your Outsource?

The short answer: everything.

You can outsource content writing, building inbound links, social media marketing, email marketing, web design, graphic design, you name it. For pretty much anything you want to outsource, you’ll find a bunch of companies or freelancers out there who can do it.

But it’s not that simple.

You see, the real trick to outsourcing SEO services is finding a company that can produce a good enough return on investment to justify the cost. You need online SEO services that can do what you would have done yourself, to the same quality, but do it cheaper.

(Or, if you need a specialized skillset like SEO copywriting, you need a provider who can actually get the conversion results you want to see).

When to Outsource SEO Services Offshore

After the publication of books like Tim Ferriss’s ‘The Four Hour Workweek,’ the idea of outsourcing to third world countries at very low rates became hugely popular. But a lot of website owners have run into trouble after following this advice – the reality did not quite measure up to the hype in many cases.

This is simply because there are certain types of services which can be done effectively at low cost by providers in countries with cheap living costs – and there are other services you should never, ever consider outsourcing to particular places.

What to Outsource (and Where)

It breaks down like this. Anything that happens ‘behind the scenes’ in your web business – things like graphic and web design – can be handled by outsourcers in countries like India or Bangladesh. This can be an effective way to cut down on costs.

But – and this is a big ‘but’ – you should never outsource any of the ‘front end’ writing for your site to bargain basement providers. That means words that your customers will actually see: all your content articles and all your sales copy, marketing emails, free downloads, ebooks and so on.

Why? Because although many providers in the Philippines, India and Bangladesh offer cheap content and copywriting services, they simply can’t match the quality and effectiveness of an SEO writing service staffed by professional, well-educated online marketers.

Your customers don’t want to read ebooks that are full of grammatical errors. They won’t be impressed by web pages full of sentences that don’t make sense. And they certainly won’t buy from an amateur sales page, written by a copywriter who doesn’t understand the first thing about sales psychology.

Bottom line: learn when you can cut costs by going to cheap outsourcers, but make sure anything your customers will actually see ‘up front’ is top notch.

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How to Outsource SEO Services   

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How to Outsource SEO Services

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