How To Attract Qualified Website Traffic To Your Business


How To Attract Qualified Website Traffic To Your Business

Qualified web site traffic is the life blood of any business online. There is little point in generating website traffic if those visitors are not even remotely interested in your business. You need to learn to increase hits the right way.

This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but when it comes to bringing in traffic, sometimes less is more. It’s better to have a low-traffic site that converts well because it gets carefully targeted and qualified traffic, rather than a site with thousands of daily visitors that never makes a single sale.

Keyword Analysis for Targeted Traffic

So how do you get qualified traffic to your site? It all begins with the process of keyword analysis. Some website owners are blinded by the numbers they see when they discover the art and science of analyzing keywords.

But, realistically, just because a keyword has an extremely high search volume does not mean that traffic from that word will convert well when it reaches your site. You can easily increase hits to your site, but that doesn’t mean you’ll boost sales. For that, you need qualified traffic.

In order to figure out what keywords to target, you really have to get into the mind of your ideal customer. Don’t just think about the amount of people searching for a term – don’t just look at the numbers. There’s another, harder to quantify element to think about here.

Reading Your Customer’s Mind

Think about what a person typing that term into Google or Yahoo is really looking for. What drives them? Is that searcher likely to be male or female? What are their greatest fears in life? Their hopes? Their dreams? How much disposable income do they have, and how willing are they to spend it? Most important, is that searcher likely to spend money on what you have to offer?

These are all questions you must ask when you select the keywords to generate website traffic. You want to target the right terms in order to ensure you will bring in well qualified web site traffic.

Misleading Keywords

Let’s use an example to illustrate this concept the right way to generate website traffic. Let’s pretend for a moment that you run a local dental practice. You do a little keyword research and come across some highly in-demand keywords relating to dentistry.

What’s the problem with targeting these keywords? The problem is that the numbers you are looking at are for global search demand, whereas you are running a local business.

The majority of the people who find you via that keyword (after you put the time, effort and money into ranking highly for it) will not be able to use your service because they don’t live in your town.

This is simply one example of unqualified traffic. Another good example of how some site owners bring in unqualified, low-value traffic is by using keywords with high demand which include the word “free.”

These keywords may bring in lots of traffic, but people who are searching for something “free” are going to be very difficult to turn into paying customers, no matter how tight your sales copy may be.

Choosing the Right Words

The key is to be highly selective in choosing words which you want to target. Whether you write your site content yourself or you hire an expert to do it for you, it ultimately reduces your return on investment (both in time and money) to chase keywords that will not bring in qualified traffic.

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