About Our Quality Writing Service


About Our Quality Writing Service

Hi, I’m Tom McSherry (@TomMcSherry). My quest to launch a high quality writing service began because I saw a gaping hole in the web writing market, with many business owners crying out for a new breed of content marketer that could go above and beyond the call of duty.

Through my experiences in online marketing, I’d come across plenty of frustrated fellow marketers who were simply looking for a way to outsource their quality article writing needs for a reasonable price, without any worries.

When I started freelancing, I heard many complaints from clients about the dangers of outsourcing to cheap writers through services like Elance.

Outsourcing – The Old Way

There’s an established process for outsourcing writing online. Of course not all transactions happen this way, but many do. Generally it goes like this:

  1. Website owner has more money than time, and wants to outsource some writing.
  2. Website owner hears about freelance exchange sites, and posts up the project for writers to bid on.
  3. Writers bid on the project, many of whom have no references and little experience. Some don’t even speak English properly.
  4. This bidding process can sometimes take several weeks, requiring a lot of time and input as the site owner tries to choose a good writer.
  5. Website owner finally chooses a writer and a transaction takes place.

At least, that’s the ideal scenario. Often Point 5 doesn’t go quite so smoothly. The writer may deliver the project late, or not at all. That’s one of the more obvious, frustrating scenarios. One of the less noticeable, but equally dangerous situations occurs when the website owner pays a very low price for very poor writing, being unaware of the essential importance of good writing for making sales online. As a result, the website owner gets a poor return on investment, or no return at all.

Some writers are even into the nasty business of reselling articles on to your competitors after you pay for them. These are some of the dangers involved in outsourcing your writing needs.

Outsourcing to a Quality Writing Service: The Premium Difference

Our premium quality writing service offers an alternative to this model of outsourcing writing. We aim to simplify the whole system, so you as a business owner:

  • Can order writing whenever you want without having to go through a bidding process
  • Know you’ll be paying a fair rate for the work you receive
  • Know the writing is fully search engine optimized, if need be
  • Know the writing will help generate high conversion rates (or a top-notch reader experience, depending on the requirements of the project)
  • Know the writing will be intelligent, succinct and consistent in quality
  • Know how long a project will take to complete
  • Know you won’t have to waste your valuable time editing bad grammar or other mistakes
  • Get to deal with a friendly, communicative writer who understands what running a business requires – especially online
  • Can rest easy knowing that content is researched, original, and 100% yours as soon as you pay

As you can see, repeat business is a big part of our model. We provide good writing that helps our clients make more money. In turn, they continue to invest in good writing and send more work our way. Our dedication is to quality – because few businesses can succeed without quality writing, online or off. And it’s our business to help your business succeed.

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About Our Quality Writing Service   

Author: Tom McSherry

About Our Quality Writing Service

Get a free quote on any of your web writing needs, including:

  • Sales pages
  • Home pages
  • SEO copywriting
  • Article marketing
  • Ebook ghostwriting
  • Press releases
  • Complete online business creation

…whatever you need, we can make it happen.


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Skype ID: tommcsherry
Call: +0064277486279
Twitter: @TomMcSherry

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