4 Powerful Ways To Write Sales Follow Up Letters For Profit

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4 Powerful Ways To Write Sales Follow Up Letters For Profit

If you’re not following up on your leads effectively, you’re already leaving money on the table.

By having an effective sales follow up letter amongst your arsenal of marketing materials, you can boost the conversion rates of your sales efforts.

Often, an interested prospect will put your initial offer to one side or simply forget about it. It’s your follow up material that will help you secure the sale in these scenarios.

As with any aspect of marketing, there are some best practices that can help you get better results from follow up letters. Let’s take a look at follow up sales letters in the context of opt-in email marketing.

Remind Them Who You Are

If you’ve only been in contact with the prospect once, it can pay to briefly remind them of who you are and what you do. This is where your sales follow up letter is used to re-introduce yourself to them.

Many people get dozens of emails a day, and some sign up for numerous email lists without even remembering they did so. Mention briefly that you’re emailing because the prospect requested more information on Topic X (what this is depends on how you get opt-ins to your mailing list).

If you offered a free resource or download in exchange for the prospect’s email address, this is the perfect topic to follow up on.

For example, in your sales follow up email you can:

  • Ask for feedback on the resource
  • Explain how your services relate to the resource, or
  • Offer links to more free information that will further warm up your leads.

Rephrase Your Offer

The great thing about email opt-in marketing is that it gives you repeated exposure to potential customers who have already expressed an interest in what you offer.

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of a given prospect reading the right line of copy at the right time to clinch the next sale.

So it pays to experiment with different turns of phrase and ways of presenting your offer when you send a sales follow up email.

Introduce an Extra Bonus or Discount

One effective way to boost response is to introduce a new bonus or discount in your follow up email that wasn’t included in your initial offer. This can provide the extra push necessary to turn fence-sitters into customers. One common technique is to follow up with a free or $1 trial of the product you’re selling.

This is also effective when you’re trying to upsell customers who have just bought from you. Good upselling can boost your revenue overnight if you put a functioning system in place.

If someone has bought a product or service from you, they’re likely to be interested in your other products and services too – but they may not know about them yet.

Send a follow up letter to let them know about other services they may be interested in – and don’t forget to mention the discount for new customers.

Create Exclusivity

Another way to motivate undecided prospects to buy is to introduce exclusivity or short supply to your offer. This means letting prospects know that by buying from you they’ll become part of an elite group, or indicating that there’s a limited number of the product on offer.

Don’t lie about this – make it real. Your offers should always be genuine to avoid the spread of bad word of mouth about your business.

If current or potential customers get even the slightest inkling that your marketing communications aren’t honest and trustworthy, you won’t be making any sales to those people. Honesty is paramount when you’re selling by email.

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