The Truth About Sales Letter Writing Software – Is It Worth Your Money?

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Sales letter Writing Software – Is It Worth Your Money?

Sales letter writing software has become a part of the arsenal of some Internet marketers and copywriters in recent years.

The creators of this software often make wild claims about the kind of conversion rates and sales results than can be had by applying the formulas contained within.

But are these sales letter software programs really worth the money? Find out the truth about the role sales letter software plays in writing a sales letter.

What Sales Letter Software Can and Can’t Do

Sales letter software can’t write your letter for you, allowing you to just fix it up and give it a few tweaks. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence hasn’t quite advanced that much yet.

If someone designed software that could churn out writing that made people grasp at their wallets in anticipation, they would be very rich, very quickly.

Some sites claim to sell “push button” sales letter software. Steer clear of them – they’re complete nonsense.

However, here are a few things sales letter software can do. For the most part, they’re effective for organizing the writing you’ve already done yourself. Again, no computer program can write compelling sales copy for you – it must either be done by you or by a professional copywriter.

Think of sales letter software as being like training wheels. The software will help you avoid making huge mistakes in your copywriting. Likewise, it will keep you on track with most of the major conventions of copy. But it can’t provide the unique and dynamic feel of copy crafted by a true professional who understands the target market of your product.

How Effective is Sales Letter Software?

The answer to this question depends on the software, and what your expectations are.

If you’re a competent copywriter on your own and you want a program that will steer you in the right direction, some of the software programs on the market will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to save money on copywriter fees by purchasing a low-budget product that promises to virtually write your letter for you, you’re in for disappointment.

Buying sales letter software is just another symptom of one of the biggest ailments that leads to the failure of online businesses. That is: looking at expenditure in terms of cost only, rather than return on investment.

Yes, a sales letter writing software may cost one third as much as hiring a professional copywriter to write the letter. But what if the copywriter’s letter generates four times as many sales as the one produced using your sales letter software?

It’s simple business sense – any money you spend to grow your business should be looked at from an ROI angle. That’s a business owner mindset, as opposed to a consumer mindset.

No Substitute for Experience

In short, if you struggle to write a good sales letter, buying software like this isn’t going to turn you into Bob Bly (one of the top direct response copywriters alive). If you have a capable copywriter, this software is completely unnecessary.

At best, it teaches you to apply some basic principles of copywriting – but at the end of the day these software programs are based on mathematics, not human emotion. Only an experienced and intuitive copywriter can get inside the mind of a customer in the way that’s needed to create high conversion rates.

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