How To Maximize Your Profits Using Promotional Letter Writing

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How To Maximize Your Profits Using Promotional Letter Writing

Creating a sales promotion letter is usually a necessary part of launching a new product.

It can also be useful for generating more business from existing clients or hot prospects, by offering them a discount or drawing attention to a limited time offer.

There are a few general rules to follow to ensure you get the best possible results from your promotional copy. Here are 4 tips to help you get a better response.

Make the Offer Specific

In a business sales letter, it’s important to be as specific as possible about what your promotion entails. If you’re offering a discount, for instance, be specific about numbers and repeat specific figures several times (depending on how long your copy is).

Likewise, if you have proven results to show the effectiveness of past promotions in creating positive changes for your customers, go ahead and include them in your sales marketing letter.

Again, be specific. It’s more effective to use a case study of a single customer with a testimonial, than to simply talk vaguely about customers who have been successful because of your product.

Highlight New Benefits

If you’re launching a new product or service and promoting it to an existing list or your current client base, there will immediately be questions in the minds of your prospects.

The main ones will revolve around what makes this new offering so new. How does it actually differ from what they’ve been buying from you in the past? Most importantly, how can it help them even further to achieve there goals or solve a problem? Your product sales letter must answer these questions.

When it comes to a new product launch, it can be tempting to ramble on about features only – especially if you created the product yourself. Resist this temptation. Keep the product sales letter focused on the reader and what’s in it for her.

The same applies to a discount promotion. The copy isn’t about your reasons for having a sale – it’s about how the sale can benefit the reader.

Reinforce Old Benefits

As well as emphasizing new ways your business can help your prospects, it doesn’t hurt to remind them of what you’re already doing for them.

Relate the new benefits of your product launch to the benefits your existing products and services give them. Remind them why they use your product, not the competition.

You’ll get the best results if you can link old benefits to new benefits. This gives current customers a concrete idea of how your new offerings relate to the reasons they already buy from you.

If you’re not offering a new product but simply running a limited-time promotion, emphasize how taking advantage of your offer will enhance the benefits of using your service. For example, a discount on business web hosting allows your clients to enjoy an even better ROI than usual.

Give the Reader a Compelling Reason to Act Immediately

If you’re doing a limited time promotion, make a big point of letting the reader know how much time they have to take advantage of your offer. When it comes to online copywriting, you see a lot of copywriters using false time constraints – they say their product or price is a limited time deal, even when it isn’t.

Avoid doing this – it only hurts your reputation in the long run to be dishonest. But if your promotion really does have a deadline, or you’re offering limited copies of a product – whatever it may be – highlight this in your sales promotion letter.

Being clear in your copy that the offer will not last makes it much more likely that a given reader will respond immediately after reading, rather than putting your offer aside for later – which usually means she’ll never come back to it.

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