How to Triple your Profits With an SEO Copywriter

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How an SEO Copywriter Can Triple Your Business

Having your online content written by a professional SEO copywriter can dramatically boost the traffic and conversion rate of your site.

SEO is the art and science of generating traffic from the search engines.

A good web copywriter knows how to craft your site copy so that it achieves two important goals: getting visitors to come to your site from Google, and making sure plenty of those visitors become your loyal customers.

Keyword Optimization

One of the most basic skills of a website copywriter is ensuring your copy targets good keywords and including those keywords in the right parts of your copy.

There are four places your keyword must appear in your copy if you want to rank Number 1 – most so-called professionals don’t know this.

A good SEO copywriter will let you know if the keywords you’re targeting are too difficult to rank for in a reasonable time period, or if they’re not likely to produce buying traffic.

They can also put together a targeted keyword list for you, if you’re not sure how to do this yourself.

Your website copywriter will also make sure your copy has the right ‘keyword density.’ This means your main keyword phrase should make up no more than 2 to 3 percent of your body copy.

Title and Description Tags

Your Title and Description META tags are extremely important for two main reasons.

The first is that the search engines look at these tags to determine what your web page is about, which will affect where it appears in search rankings. The main keyword phrase for each page on your website must be included in both the Title and Description tags.

The second reason these tags are so important is that this is the copy a reader will see when your page comes up in search results. So the copy for these tags needs to be compelling, to maximize the number of searchers who actually click through to your site from the search results pages.

Making Your Website Sell

Getting targeted visitors to your website from the search engine is half the battle. But once they’re on your site, your website copy has to win the battle – it has to convert them to customers.

The majority of websites out there are losing potential sales every day because of poor copy. The writing just doesn’t compel people to buy. Or perhaps it doesn’t convey the trust and authority needed to convince a visitor to submit her credit card details.

Creating web copy that sells is a unique skill. If a visitor doesn’t trust your business, she won’t buy from you online – and trust is built through effective copywriting. You don’t have a salesperson to talk to the visitor face-to-face – your copy must convey that sense of trust.

Likewise, your copy must emotionally compel the reader to buy from you. It must convince her that she should be using your products and services to solve her problems, rather than your competitors.

Good SEO copywriters know this, and balance the on-page optimization factors of your web pages with the selling power of the content they write.

Working with SEO Copywriting Services

There are several important advantages of working with SEO copywriting services, rather than freelancers off a site like Elance. A copywriting service worth its salt will ensure:

  • You get top quality work every time
  • You have a single provider than can handle diverse marketing copywriting tasks
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with rewrites
  • You’re dealing with a professional company with a proven track record and other satisfied clients

Overall, that means you get better results with less effort on your part.

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