How to Start Your Own Website And Online Business

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How to Start Your Own Website And Online Business

In order to start your website, there are a few basic requirements. This tutorial will teach your how to start your own website.

Keep in mind that these are the bare bones of a web business – they’re the tools you need for starting your own online business, but they don’t guarantee success.

Starting your own website is one thing – turning that site into a successful online business is another. But you have to learn to crawl before you walk.

You must learn the process of starting your own website before you get onto the fun part: making money.

How to Start Your Own Website: Keyword Research Tools

You should do plenty of keyword research to determine the niche you want your website to target. But you’ll find different tools can give you vastly different indications of what’s a ‘good’ keyword phrase and what’s a bad one.

A good place to start is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Google is the most popular search engine; that’s where the majority of your traffic will come from, so you want to get an idea of how many people are searching in your niche on Google. This keyword tool also happens to be free.

HTML – Do You Need It?

If coding languages and HTML give you a headache, I’ve got good news for you. You can start a website business without knowing a single piece of HTML.

It’s handy to know a bit, but you can pick it up as you go – it shouldn’t be an obstacle to starting your own online business.

There are plenty of website-building products out there that allow a complete beginner to build a professional business website without knowing any code. Some also provide detailed guides for how to start your own website and make it financially successful.

One of the best of these is Site Build It!, which includes a simple ‘Block Builder’ system for creating web pages.

If you do know HTML and CSS, or you want to learn, you can take your pick of the many web page editors out there on the market. Adobe Dreamweaver is the weapon of choice for many web page designers.

Starting Your Own Website: Choosing a Content Management System

While you don’t need to know any coding to create a website, you will need to decide on a content management system. This is basically the interface that allows you to add new content (in other words, writing, images, files and video) to your site, as well as edit existing content.

Blogging platforms such as WordPress are popular for people on a low budget who are completely new to Internet marketing.

If you want to start your website quickly, WordPress is a simple interface that allows you to add content pages, insert images and add links without knowing any HTML. Be warned though – rushing at the start can hurt your in the long run.

If you’re more serious about starting your own online business, a product like Site Build It provides your content management needs as well as a ton of other features necessary for building a successful e-business. It’s a useful tool because it brings together all the essentials in a single interface.

Finding and Registering a Domain Name

To look professional online, you need your own domain name. The domain name you get from a free web hosting service just won’t do.

Luckily, domain names are generally pretty cheap. You shouldn’t be paying more than $50 for a domain. Domain name brokers sell some names for thousands of dollars – this is almost always a rip-off.

There’s little value in a name itself. The value exists in the business you build around the name once you start your website.

Your first temptation might be to go for a whacky brand name (think ‘Google’ or ‘Yahoo’). But remember, success for the small online business person comes through targeting a niche.

Your domain name should include keywords related to your niche to ensure better performance for your site at the search engines.

Web Hosting Services for Small Business

Your web host is the company that stores the information that makes up your web site. They make sure your website is available when a visitor comes along to read your content.

If you don’t have a good web host, your website may end up going down at times. That means visitors will get an error message when they try to view it, and you’ll end up losing business as a result.

There are a bunch of other factors that go into making a good web hosting service beyond reliability. Here are a few:

  • The actual amount of space the hosting plan gives you (this limits how much text, image and video content you can have on your site)
  • The amount of bandwidth you’re given (this relates to the information users download from your site – it’s important if you want to have lots of videos or offer big downloads)
  • The user friendliness of the hosting control panel

Site Built It combines all of the above things you need to start your website – domain name, reliable hosting, content management, HTML-free web page building, and keyword research tools – and more, in one interface.

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