How To Write Online Copy That Works 24/7

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How To Write Online Sales Copy That Works 24/7

Web copywriting.

For those who understand it, the words are music to the ears of the business owner. This is because effective copy is a key component to making money online successfully. More to the point, it is making consistent sales while you are tucked up in bed fast asleep.

For those who don’t understand copywriting for the web, the whole process is a source of never-ending frustration. It is also a drain on your operating cashflow as you continue to shovel money into copy that doesn’t cut it.

Copy Makes The Sale

No matter where your prospects come from, bad copy doesn’t sell. It’s like rolling a piece of turd in glitter and spraying Chanel No 5 on it, but in the end it is still….The goal of web copywriting can be boiled down to three simple things:

  1. Get to Page 1 in Google rankings
  2. Get the ‘right kind’ of (qualified) eyeballs reading your website content- the kind of eyeballs attached to people with money to spend
  3. Get them to buy!

Sounds easy, right? Well, it isn’t.

There are so many places along these 3 steps where you can lose a potential customer. There are literally dozens of ways uninitiated web copywriters get this wrong.

The consequences? Fewer sales now (sorry, that trip to Brazil will have to wait), and fewer long term customers to help you grow and sustain your business.

Websites In The Wilderness

These are business owners who unfortunately have ‘websites in the wilderness.’ They have a site set up and it looks great. After all, they’ve spent thousands on graphics and web design, right? Alas, they have one big fat major problem.Nobody ever visits it….ooops.

Think about this: if no one ever visits your site, or the people who do visit don’t feel compelled to buy anything, what’s the Return on Investment (ROI) on all the money you’ve spent of web design and graphics?

Zero. Zip. Nada.

Copy Vs. Design as opposed to Copy AND Design

Design works with copy, but it can’t do the job of copy. Read that sentence again. Copy is what pulls in visitors and what sells. And that is what you as the business owner wants at the end of the day.

Why Is It So Hard?

The problem with web copywriting is that it requires a combination of technique and talent. Yes folks, it is both a science and an art. The technique can take a really long time to nail, and not everyone has the talent.The result? Some people spend months or years trying to learn website copywriting, but no matter what they do, there’s something missing.

As Angus Young of AC/DC bellowed: ‘I tell ya folks, it’s harder than it looks.’

The other big problem with web content writing is that it takes time, a lot of time. Writing, editing and re-writing require a lot of effort to make sure the copy ‘pops.’

The Savvy Business Choice

If you’re managing a business, trying to write all your own copy can be a time trap. It takes your attention away from other aspects of your enterprise that you’re probably really good at and that’s what got you started in the business in the first place, yes? Don’t be a Jack/Jill of trades. Know your strengths and your (copywriting) weaknesses.In other words, hiring a professional web copywriter means one less hat you have to wear and stress over.

That means less chance of becoming over-burdened and burning out. Instead it means you have a higher chance of success both in the short term and the long run.

Outsourcing tasks which aren’t amongst your skillset is simply smart business practice.

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