Website Content Providers: Good, Bad and Ugly

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Website Content Providers: Good, Bad and Ugly

Most online businesses are hungry for search engine traffic, and are willing to hire website content providers in order to get it.

Content drives traffic – but where’s the best place to get it? What are the best approaches to web content marketing? There are lots of apparently cheap shortcuts and quick fixes when it comes to content driven websites – none of them will get you anything like the results a high quality content site can create.

There is simply no substitute for a high quality content driven site when it comes to generating search engine traffic. And that means if you want to outsource, you need to use high quality website content writing services. Let’s take a look at why this is.

Let’s Start with the Ugly

We’ll start with the really terrible methods of building a content driven website. Probably the worst method I can think of for creating website content is buying Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and putting them through an article spinner.

I don’t mean to speak ill of PLR content, as it definitely has a place in Internet marketing – but that place shouldn’t be in building the majority of your website, and certainly not combined with an article spinner.

The idea is that the article spinner changes the articles enough so that they won’t appear to be duplicate content, and the search engines won’t penalize you as a result (Google doesn’t like seeing the same content on different sites).

Nice idea, in theory. The problem is that article spinner programmers haven’t quite mastered artifical intelligence yet, so the “original articles” they generate tend to be total gibberish.

Not exactly the stuff that inspires website visitors to become customers, or even click on ads. The only thing your visitors will be clicking – if you get any visitors – is the “Back” button.

The other problem with Private Label Rights articles is that the creators often don’t bother to limit the number of copies they sell. So even if you re-write the content so it looks original to the search engines, it may sound pretty much the same as a hundred other websites whose owners bought the same Private Label Rights pack as you.

To make PLR packs work, you have to edit them to make them your own – but even then, they are better for article marketing rather than your own website content.

Now, let’s move on to the real human website content providers who offer website content writing services for dirt cheap prices, like $1 for a 500 word article. Again, this seems like an appealing shortcut to the uninitiated web marketer.

The problem here? 99% of the time, it will be a writer for whom English is a second language, and the article won’t make any more sense than the gibberish that comes of of an automated article spinner. By the time you wade through it and edit out all the mistakes, you might as well have just written a content page yourself.

Bottom line – you won’t get a true web content specialist with a deep knowledge of web content marketing at those prices.

Now for a word on “free” website content providers. The same rules apply here as with Private Label Rights – you never know how many other people might be using the same free article, so your content is going to sound like everyone else’s, and you’re going to have to edit and change it anyway just to avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content.

The problem is even bigger with free content, since it’s likely that, if the content is any good, hundreds of other marketers may already be using it.

Now for the Bad News

Perhaps a better idea is to get on one of the freelance exchange websites and find a cheap, middle-of-the-road type web site content provider. The problem here is that average writers produce average results, and you end up with an average content driven website making average money – or no money.

With website content providers, you get what you pay for. Not to mention the risks involved in getting ripped off by a writer from an exchange site.

Think of it this way: If a web content marketing writer is offering incredibly cheap rates, there must be a financially sensible reason for it. If the rates being offered only work out to about $5 an hour and the writer is in a developed country, you have to ask why the writer isn’t just working at McDonald’s instead – it would be a pay rise. The reasons writers offer such low rates are generally one of the following:

  • The writer lives in a country where living costs are very low. The issue here is that these writers tend to speak English as a second or third language, meaning the quality is rarely going to be top-notch.
  • The writer is planning to scam you. This could be by taking the money and never delivering work, by stealing content from other sites and selling it to you, or by reselling your content to other site owners after you’ve paid for it.
  • The writer is producing the articles so fast there’s simply no way they can be of good quality and original

And Finally – The Good

It makes the whole world of outsourced website content writing services sound fairly gloomy, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought too, which is part of the reason I launched Premium Online Writing – to provide reliable, consistent, high quality writing services to website owners, from website content specialists, whenever they need it.

With Premium Online Writing, all your website content is:

  • Written by a true native English speaker with a college degree and a background in web writing or online marketing
  • Thoroughly researched from multiple sources so that it is completely unique for both search engines and site visitors
  • Fully optimized in accordance with the latest techniques to help ensure high rankings at the search engines
  • Guaranteed to be yours and yours alone once you make payment

There’s no need to take risks or waste time with unproductive website content strategies or low quality website content providers. Contact Us today to discuss hiring a website writer.

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Website Content Providers: Good, Bad and Ugly   

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Website Content Providers: Good, Bad and Ugly

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