Quick Guide to Optimizing Your Website with Google SEO

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Quick Guide to Optimizing Your Website with Google SEO

It’s natural for entrepreneurs and online marketing departments alike to focus on website search optimization as a top priority. Hiring a search engine optimizer service for your website is often the easiest solution.

Indeed, if your website isn’t being found by search engines, you effectively don’t exist on the Internet. A website without traffic is worthless, and for most sites in most markets, the bulk of traffic will come from the search engines.

In this Google SEO guide, we’ll deal with how to balance aspects of search engine optimization with making sure your site sells effectively and offers value to visitors.

If you want more information on the “how to” of optimizing articles for your site, check out the 5 Essential Elements of Writing to Increase Traffic To a Web Site.

However, it’s easy to become too obsessed with search engine rankings to the detriment of actually making sales. You see it all over the web – inexperienced web marketers create low-quality, keyword-stuffed content that does nothing to entice a reader to deliver a response.

They rely on a strategy of cramming as many keywords as possible into a single article in order to rank well with the search engines. This is done without giving any thought to the fact that in order to make money, a real human being must read that article and draw value from it.

Google SEO Guide: Why Balance Is Important

It’s crucially important that you balance search engine optimization with proper sales, marketing and relationship-building techniques. Just getting traffic is not enough. You need to get traffic that will deliver your most wanted response (MWR).

This is why entrepreneurs who commission the creation of low-quality articles in massive quantities, or use “spun” articles that are effectively nonsense combinations of keywords, are wasting their time and money.

Google SEO Guide: How Quality Relates to Rankings

Creating a site full of disposable, low-quality but keyword-rich content is an ineffective strategy. Google’s algorithm has become so sophisticated that it now takes into account factors that help determine the quality of your site. For example,  the algorithm takes into account the average time visitors spend on your site and the number of pages your visitor views.

Naturally, visitors will leave a low quality site quickly when they see it doesn’t have the information they are seeking. Google “slaps” that site by moving it down the search engine rankings over time. High quality sites encourage visitors to stay around and read more of the excellent content – and those sites then move up the ranks as a result.

Beyond just increasing sales, the quality of the content itself has a direct effect on your search engine rankings at the search engines – not just the mindless use of keywords.

Google SEO Guide: Lifelong Customer Value

Think for a moment about the long term value of individual customers to your business. Some online get-rich-quick schemers think they can make a bundle by creating low-value, high keyword content and cramming it with advertising. This is an extremely short-sighted method for making money. It may work in the short term but it doesn’t work for long.

A site with highly optimized content which also offers high quality information encourages repeat visits. It encourages sign-ups to a newsletter or autoresponder course, which builds trust and increases conversion rates in the long term.

Sites that rely on low-quality, spammy content may get a few visitors, but nowhere near as many as a quality site. They will miss out on a lot of potential profit because they fail to recognize the lifelong value of each individual customer.

So don’t become too obsessed with website search optimization and ignore the most important consideration for building a site: your customers’ wants and needs.

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