4 Secrets For Writing Money Making Affiliate Website Reviews

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4 Secrets For Writing Money Making Affiliate Website Reviews

Writing an article review is a central skill for many affiliate marketers. It differs from other methods of writing web content in a few key ways.

The affiliate review page is a mainstay of the affiliate’s marketing tools – but if you craft your article the wrong way, you may end up hurting your business more than you help it.

This article will cover some of the important points you need to remember, and what you should avoid when writing web content for an affiliate site.

Don’t Sell!

Sounds counter-productive, doesn’t it? After all, you are a marketer – isn’t that what marketing is all about? Not so. Let’s look at why you want to avoid sounding like a salesperson when you write a review article about an affiliate product or products.

As a reviewer, your web content writing should make you appear to be an objective observer of the products you talk about. Indeed, the best affiliates are the ones who actually try out all the products they promote and genuinely believe in the products they recommend.

So be authentic – don’t over-hype a product. Talk about its real, useful features and how it can solve your reader’s problems.

There’s another important reason why you shouldn’t write sales copy for a product, as an affiliate. That’s because most vendor websites will have their own sales copy. Your job is to get visitors to click through to the vendor, so that the vendor’s website can do the job of selling.

If you sell hard, then send people to another website that sells hard. Your prospect will be uncomfortable with the “hard sell” and they will be put off and leave your website. A potential customer gone!

Review Good Points and Bad Points

Some affiliate review writers make the mistake of trying to convince the reader that the product they recommend is some sort of flawless gift from heaven. In reality, no product is perfect and not every product will suit everyone’s needs.

Examine the good points and be honest about the bad points of each product. This can actually help increase conversions in two main ways:

  • Your visitors will trust you more, because they see you are being honest about a product’s faults
  • Comparing the relative pros and cons of other products may encourage people with unique needs to buy one of your “secondary” recommendations

Don’t Resort to Hype

This is one of the most common mistakes novice affiliates make when writing an article review. We daresay that  perhaps it is  the most detrimental to sales results. The new marketer thinks that the more they exaggerate the amazing benefits of their affiliate product, the more sales they will make. Right? Wrong! This idea is simply out of line with the psychology of buying online.

People are not stupid. They can tell when claims are being exaggerated, and it will destroy their trust in you in the blink of an eye. No one will buy a product based on your recommendations if they don’t believe you are trustworthy.

While it is good to keep your writing simple, always avoid the mistake of insulting the intelligence of your visitors by expecting them to believe outrageous claims.

Deliver Real Value

The net is crowded with affiliates who don’t add any value to the web – they are trying to ride to riches on someone else’s coat tails. Most affiliates who approach their business with this attitude don’t make any money – at least, not enough to achieve their financial goals.

Stand out amongst the rest by offering real, valuable information to your site visitors, and the rewards will come back to you.

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